American League Committee

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  • Committee Members

Bob Peck – Chairman, 3 yr. term. Term expires 12-31-17

Mike Milts – 2 yr. term. Term expires 12-31-13

Dave Toepel – 1 yr. term. Term expires 12-31-17

Orie McDonald – 2 yr. term. Term expires 12-31-16

Bob Hamilton– 2 yr. term. Term expires 12-31-15


Members for rating purposes only:

Gary Craig

Mike Milts


  • American League Committee Mission Statement

The American League Committee will act as the spokes group for the American League. They will supervise and control activities that are only related to the American League. They will provide leadership and direction for the league and maintain an effective line of communication between all persons and groups that are involved in the day to day operations of the American League.


  • American League Structure

The American League Committee will be comprised of five (5) members, (Chairman and four members).

  • The chairman will be appointed from within the committee by committee members.
  • Committee members must have at least five (5) years of senior softball experience, as a player, prior to appointment.
  • Appointment term limit is five (5) years.
  • One new member to be selected by the remaining four committee members, with approval of the SCSSA board.
  • Past members may be reappointed to the committee after being off the committee for one year. Exception: If a committee members’ term is up and there is a unanimous vote to retain the member they may serve consecutive terms.
  • Committee members who are unable to complete their term may be replaced by a new member who will finish serving the original committee member’s term The replacement member must meet all prerequisites for being an American League Committee member.
  • The American League Committee reserves the right to add two people to help with the rating of players. This would be a total of seven (7) people to rate players.