Below are the individuals you may contact regarding information, scheduling, and concerns about our Association (Co-Mingled League), our Clubs, our Leagues and our Fields.

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American League    
Bob Peck SCW AL Committee Chair 623-242-7616
Orie McDonald SCW AL Committee Member 602-576-1795
Dave Toepel SCW AL Committee Member 623-546-7866 
Gordy Kirkman SCW AL Committee Member 815-830-0677
Dennis Robbins SC AL Committee Member 623-376-2347
Mike Milts SC AL Committee Member 623-444-9402
Bob Hamilton SC AL Committe Member 805-732-7285
Kevin Bruns AL Reporter 651-260-0318
Pat Regan Statistician 515-240-8859
Angels in the Outfield - 2017-2018 Angels    
Barbara McFarland Chairman 623-556-5694
Hall of Fame    
Hugh Kelley Hall of Fame Chairman 623-546-7629
IT Committee IT Committee Guidelines for Web and Database Users
Tim Colwell Chairman 480-331-9530
Rick Fish Database & Systems 623-455-3399
Ken Skinner WebMaster 623-546-8983
National League      
Bill Goldspinks  NL Committee Chair 503-351-2036
Margaret Morgan SC NL Committee Member 602-689-5701

Bill Hardin           SC NL Committee Member 623-544-2445
Leo Zinn   SC NL Committee Member 503-557-1811
Ray Murphy SCW NL Committee Member 623-214-7182
Arnie Rehmann SCW NL Committee Member 623-521-5040
Al Bronner SCW NL Committee Member 623-546-2510
Central League CL Committee Guidelines    
Randy Settje SCW CL Committee Chair 520-249-1618
George Asan SCW CL Committee Member 623-399-8779
Jim Slock SCW CL Committee Member 570-954-5123
Dan Burke SCW CL Committee Member 509-985-6922
Jim Smith SC CL Committee Member 480-818-2811
Mark Kisala SC CL Committee Member 602-361-5915
Jim Granucci SC CL Committee Member 503-803-1937

Sun City Senior Softball Club Board of Directors

Arnie Kavarnberg President 206-850-6345
Jim Smith Vice-President 480-818-2811
Ronnie Guest Secretary 623-203-7482
Arlyn Christ Treasurer 651-303-7995
Dennis Christ Board Member 612-718-5302
Bill Goldspink Board Member 503-351-2036
Tom Hauss Board Member 960-798-1743
Bill Hardin Board Member 623-544-2445
Bob Norris Board Member 623-933-8962
Sun City Softball Field    623.876.0635              
Directions map   
10808 W Clair Dr. Sun City, AZ 85351
Jim Alexander Field Maintenance 405-990-6758
Sun City West Softball Club Board of Directors
Sun City West Bylaws
Craig Hone President   - Guidelines 623-760-7928
Randy Settje Vice President  - Guidelines 520-249-1618
LLoyd Styrwoll Secretary 218-259-4777
Dennis Horvath Treasurer - Guidelines 208-690-9053
Bob Lee Board Member 623-249-7971
Jim Roch Board Member 817-629-6163
Marcel Mantha Board Member 623-466-5115
SCW Finance Committee
Lyle Bakken Finance Manager 623-214-8735
SCW Food and Beverage Chariman Guidelines
Jack Gilbert Food and Beverage Chairman 623-547-7351
SCW Membership Committee
Lyle Bakken Membership 623-214-8735
SCW Safety & FIeld Maintenance Committee about the SCW Safety & Field Committee
Ken Skinner Field and Safety Manager 623-546-8983
Dennis Horvath Assistant 208-690-9053
SCW Special Events Committee
Ken Skinner Events Committee Chairperson 623-546-8983
SCW Sponsors and Advertisers Committee Sponsor and Advertising Committee Guidelines
Joe Gallo Sponsors and Advertising Chairman 602-904-0898
Lyle Bakken Sponsors and Advertising/Finance 623-214-8735
Dick LeMoine Sponsors and Advertising 623-975-9291
Pat Regan Sponsors and Advertising 515-240-8859
SCW Uniforms Committee - Uniform Committee Guidelines
John McFarland (AL) Uniforms Manager 623-556-5694
  Assistant Uniforms Manager    
SCW Vice President Liason to the SCWSC Board    
Sun City West Softball Field   623-544-6157  Directions map 14401 W RH Johnson Blvd. Sun City West, AZ 85375
Ken Skinner Manages Liberty Field 623-546-8983
Dennis Horvath Assistant 208-690-9053
Co-Ed League      
Rick Bialock Chairman 623-337-5571
Judy Christ   623-236-2532
Patty Settje     520-249-6104
Donna Reed   503-645-3331 
Women's League      
Carol Bowden Chairperson 623-337-5131
Julie McGlynn Secretary 623-977-6144
Judy White Rules/Umpire Coordinator 623-584-4462
Peg Barcelo Tournament Scheduling Coordinator 623-546-0156

Donna Reed New Players 503-645-3331

70's League - Rules and Guidelines    
John McKeown Sun City West Coordinator (Chairperson) 623-444-5942
  Sun City West Representative    
Frank Lancisi Sun City Representative 623-933-1522