Welcome to the Sun Cities Senior Softball League. We are glad you chose to move to Sun City or Sun City West. Our softball league is made up of players from these two communities. You must live in either one of these communities to play in our league. Now, let's get started.

Your first step is to go to two (2) green team practices to get rated. Green team practices are held every Monday at 8:30 AM at the Sun City field located at 10808 W. Clair Dr. Sun City, Az, 85351 (107th Ave. & Clair Dr.). Here you will be rated on hitting, fielding, throwing, and running. After you have attended two green team practices you will be assigned to one of the three leagues (American, Central, or National). More information about our three leagues can be found by clicking "Organization" and then clicking "League Structure". Please bring your glove, bat, and shoes with you. If it has been a while since you last played, that's ok because we can provide a bat for you to use.

At the green team practice you will be given all the paperwork needed to play softball. All players must have a valid rec card and must join their respective softball club. Membership in both the Sun City Senior Softball Club and the Sun City West Softball Club is $100.00 the first year and then $25.00 each year thereafter. For this amount you will be issued a league hat, shorts, and long pants. Your jersey will be issued when you are drafted onto a team.

Once assigned to a league, players are rated by their respective League Committee. You may be a little rusty if you haven't played in a while, but that is ok. As you get yourself in softball shape you can then be re-rated and possibly move into another league. Please familarize yourself with the rules and guidelines of each of the three leagues. These rules can be found on our website under "Leagues".

For additional information please feel free to contact one of the chairmen of the three leagues under "Contacts" on our website.