Sun City West Uniform Committee Guidelines

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The SCW Uniform Committee (SCWUC) is a standing committee and is mandated by the SCW Softball Club Bylaws.  The purpose of the SCW Uniform Committee is to maintain a sufficient number of uniforms to meet needs of the SCW Softball Club (SCWSC) and to make recommendations for maintaining the uniform inventory at sufficient quantities to meet those needs in a quality condition. The SCW Uniform Committee will make recommendations to the SCW Softball Club Board for uniform replacement or disposal of any and all uniforms.


The SCW Uniform Committee shall consist of a minimum of 3 members. The three mandatory members are the Uniform Manager, Assistant Manager and a SCW Softball Club Board Member as liaison to the SCW Softball Club Board.  Additional members may be added with the approval of the SCWSC Board.  Additional SCWUC members shall be named in this section of this document along with their assigned duties.

  • The Uniform Manager shall be appointed by the President of the SCWSC with the approval of the SCWSC Board.
  • The Assistant Uniform Manager shall be appointed by the President of the SCWSC with the approval of the SCWSC Board.
  • The third member of the SCWUC shall be the liaison to the SCWSC Board and shall be the Vice President of the SCWSC Board.  The Vice President shall report to the SCWSC Board in the event that the Uniform Manager is not in attendance at SCWSC Board meetings.
  • No additional committee members serve at this time.


  1. The Sun City West Uniform Committee shall meet a minimum of once a year for the purpose of evaluating uniforms and conducting an inventory audit of uniforms.  This meeting shall be called by the Uniforms manager within 30 days of the end of the season which precedes summer play.  The three primary members must attend the inventory meeting.  The Uniform Manager may request one of the SCWSC Auditors be in attendance.
  2. Additional meetings may be called at anytime by the Uniform Manager for other inventory purposes or should safety issues arise.

The results of the primary audit will be presented to the SCWSC Board, in writing, at the next Board meeting following the inventory/audit (usually the September Board Meeting).  The report will then be posted by the IT Committee on the web site.


Responsibilities   Uniform Issue | Softballs | Inventory | Purchasing | Reporting of Inventory

  1. The Uniform Manager or Assistant Manager is responsible for issuing uniforms or replacement uniforms.
  2. The Uniform Manager is responsible for purchasing, issuing and maintaining the SCWSC softball inventory.
  3. All uniforms and softballs will be inventoried once a year.  The Uniform Manager will make recommendations to the SCWSC Board for approval of minimum and maximum inventory levels to be maintained. Those levels will be documented in the the "Procedures" listed below.
  4. The Uniform Manager will be authorized to purchase uniforms and softballs by the SCWSC Board.
  5. The Uniform Manager shall prepare make an annual report of uniform and softball inventory levels to the SCWSC Board at the September SCWSC Board meeting. The Vice President of the SCWSC shall make the report in the absence of the Uniform Manager.

Procedures - changes and/or modifications to these procedures may only be made with written approval of the SCWSC Board.  All SCWSC Board approved changes and/or modifications will be documented in these procedures.

  1. Uniform Issue (less uniform shirt)

    a.  Uniforms will only be issued to Sun City West players; SCW will not provide uniforms (in whole or in part) to SC players.

    b.  Each NEW club member will be issued a hat, belt, and their choice of two shorts or two long pants or one of each.

    c.  Replacement items will be issued when the item is no longer serviceable or able to be adequately maintained.

    d.  Players will be charged $10 for replacement hats.  Loaner hats will be issued for ONE (1) game if a player forgets his/her hat.  The Uniform Committee is responsible for laundering loaner hats and returning them to inventory for later use.

    e. Uniform shirts are issued to team managers who will then issue the shirts to their players.

    The team manager will be responsible for returning the shirts to the Uniform Manager or the Assistant Uniform Manager at the end of season.
    The Uniform Manager is responsible for issuing team shirts to a new team manager should the manager change during or at the end of a session, and prior to the end of the season.

  2. Softballs

    The Uniform Manager shall maintain the softball inventory.

    a.  The minimum and maximum softball inventory levels as recommended by the Uniform Manager shall be approved by the SCWSC Board.

    b.  Softballs shall be stored in a cool dry location.

    c.  no more than 3 dozen softballs will be available at Liberty Field at any time.

    d.  Softballs at Liberty Field will be maintained under lock and key.  With only three keys to access the softballs available.

    e.  The Uniform Manager shall maintain a key and is responsible for distribution of game balls.

    f.  The Assistant Uniform Manager shall maintain a key to perform the duties of the Uniform Manager in his absence.

    g.  The Liberty Field Manager shall maintain a key for emergency situations.  The Liberty Field Manager shall only distribute or provide softballs in case of an emergency.

  3. Inventory
  4. a.  An electronic inventory of hats, belts, shorts, pants, shirts and softballs shall be maintained in a current status at all times, and shall be available online at all times.

    b. Inventory levels, quanity, sizes, age, color shall be part of the inventory scheme.

    c. Old inventory of shirts that are no longer being used because sponsors are no longer on the current list or age shall be disposed of.  Check with current SCWSC Board for disposal options.

  5. Purchasing - changes regarding brand, type, style, colors and vendor to be used must be approved by the SCWSC Board.

    a.  Each sponsor shall pay for the purchase of uniform shirts in addition to their annual sponsor fees.

    1.  Should the sponsor want to replace their uniform shirts, the replacement is at the sponsors expense.

    2.  When uniform shirts have reached the end of thier life, the replacement is at the sponsors expense.

    b.  Uniform shirts are purchased by the Uniform Manger for the sponsor.  Shirt color options are to be based on colors available, within the type of approved shirt to be purchased.

    c.  The manager of the sponsored team will have NO INPUT as to the purchase of the uniform shirts for the sponsor of the team they are managing.

    d.  Uniform shirts will be purchased with 15 shirts per team  (1 Medium, 6 Large, 6 XL and 2 XXL)

    e.  ****List the acceptable brand - style - and vendor approved by the SCWSC Board. ****

    f.  Softballs shall only be purchased annually or when the current inventory falls below the minimum level of softballs to be maintained.

5.  Reporting of Inventory

    a.  The uniform and softball inventory shall be available at all times.

    b.  The Uniform Manager shall maintain the inventory records.

    c.  The Uniform Manager, or the SCWSC Vice President in the Uniform Managers absence, shall report on inventory levels at SCWSC Board Meetings, and General Session meetings.


An annual report containing a current inventory will be compiled by the Uniform Manager and given to the Vice President for presentation to the SCWSC Board meeting in December of each year.