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Hall of Fame

In an effort to recognize members of the Sun Cities Senior Softball League  members who have unselfishly given of their time and talents to the betterment of the League and their Clubs has created a HALL OF FAME.  Each year a minimum of one member is recognized and inducted into the SCSSL Hall of Fame.  The Hall of Fame Committee may choose to recognize and induct as many members as they may feel appropriate.

Nominations for the Hall of Fame are submitted to the Hall of Fame Committee.  The committee will then select members for induction into the Sun Cities Senior Softball League Hall of Fame.

Guidelines for Induction into the Hall of Fame & Nomination Form 
Current members who are elgible for nomination (7 Years)


Axel Olson - Axel Olson is a mere 73. He started playing in 1983 as a very fine shortstop and third baseman. He later pitched and continues to pitch to this day. Axel has been president, board member and team manager. "He was always available for committee work, always there to help. And he is one of the nicest persons you could meet." He has played an important roll in developing new comers ball playing abilities. Skills...oh yes. Even at age 71, Axel played on the Del Webb 70's Sidewinders team that won the World Series. Humility. yes. On receiving the Hall of Fame award Axel said that others deserved it more than he. "I'm the luckiest guy to play softball--all the wonderful things that happened while playing." Well guess what Axel---you deserve it, and it wasn't luck!

Chuck McKasson - Chuck joined the league in April 1980. Since then he has served as Director of Player Personnel, Chief of Umpires, purchase uniforms, supplies and equipment. He also was a manager, Secretary, Treasurer and organized a summer league. He was League President in the 1985-86 Season 
He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in April 1998. Chuck was a member of a league sponsored team that won the World Championship in 1984 in the 55+ bracket. He was also a member of the Sidewinders 70+ team that won the World Championship in 1998. 
(A much younger Charles)

Don Goble - The oldest inductee into the hall of fame at 73, Goble still pitches in the National League. He began play in 1982 at age of 57 and played for a traveling team, traversing the country for 14 years. He's up in the air as to whether he prefers pitching or hitting. "I led the league in hitting for a while," Goble said. "I always hit it well, and I was the best pitcher on the traveling team. I could throw strikes. That's one thing I could do." 
Don Goble is known as the father of senior softball in the Sun Cities. He worked for five years on securing a spot for a softball field at Kuentz Field.
The Indiana native reigned as president of the league. During his reign he instituted numerous changes in the league. He initiated safety features with separate bases at home plate for the runner and catcher. As well as the fourth man in the outfield. 
Don Goble was honored for his efforts by being one of the first five people inducted into the Sun Cities Softball Club Hall of Fame.

Red Thomas - Assistant Manager of the Amazing 60's Softball Club. As we pass through life's walkway, we meet on occasion a special person who has that radiant personality, charm and with to make you feel he is a truly good friend. Red Thomas was just that sort of person to all the members of the Amazing 60's traveling teams, as well as to the members of the Sun Cities Senior Softball League. 
Missed always will be his humorous remarks that filled the air from the bleachers and the dugout. He certainly did enjoy softball and was a dedicated player and fan of the game. Our games are not quite the same now without the "Big Red".

Ralph Synder -

Duncan Jewell - Retired from the U. S. Marine Corps and other government service in January 1979. Move from Phoenix to Sun City in September 1979, and joined the softball league in the spring of 1980. 
Over period of 17 years played on all the tournament teams from the 55 age group through the 75s. "Another year or so and I will probably quit softball in favor of lawn bowling or maybe bird watching."

Ray Keller - 1949-1986 Played organized fast pitch softball league.
Named Wisconsin State – 1955, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1968, 1972, 1974, 1982, 1983, 1984
All regional – 1970 – 1971
Named Madison Sportsman of the year – 1969
Elected all time Madison softball all stars
Inducted into the Wisconsin ASA Hall Of Fame as outstanding pitcher – 1992
Served 2 terms on the Sun Cities Senior Softball League Board – Treasurer 1st term
President of the league – 2003-2004
Member of the committee to get softball field in Sun City
Manager for many years
Buyer for the equipment and uniforms
Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1999
Named to the Sun City Bowling Hall of Fame 2001


Ev Kouffman - Ev started playing in the league in 1979 and has not missed a season. During that time he has served as a board member for a several years and president for one year. He has been instrumental in steering the league to its present format.
He played and managed the travel team in its early years. He organized and scheduled many members from the league to umpire all the games of the Surprise T-Ball League. By the way he wrote this... 
Good work Ev, you definitely are Hall of Fame material.

Joe O'Toole - Joe moved to Sun City West in July 1986. He heard about the softball league and started to attend the games, which were played at a field on Grand Ave. He got to know the players and one day Axel Olsen asked him if he would keep score. Every week after that he keep score for all of the games. He did the write ups for each team and brought them to the Daily News Sun. After a while he was made the official scorekeeper of the league. He took care of the summer leagues, scorekeeping and also umpired, took care of marking the field and putting away the equipment. He also was president of the league in 1991. He was involved with the league until 1992. 
Joe had been involved with softball on Staten Island, NY until moving to Sun City West. He had played, umpired, managed, coached, and scorekeeper. He was also the scorekeeper for the Amazing 60’s and traveled with them to tournaments. 
After Kuentz Field was opened, with the scoreboard, Joe ran the scoreboard and kept score.

Ken Stewart - A long time member of the softball club Ken has been part of or helped with many duties relating to the running of the club. He has helped in the maintenance of the old field on Grand Avenue. He has also been a member of the field maintenance crew at Kuentz Field during the Del Webb tournaments. He helped form the "Barney's Gals and Guys" league which became the "Rinkydinks" in later years. Of course we can't forget that Ken help bring the softball club into the computer age by creating a database of all the players. Making it easier to keep track of addresses and other information pertinent to running the club.
Ken, thank you for all the hard work you have done for the club.

Bud Herren - His 16 years associated with the league is the longest tenure of any of the 2000 Hall of Fame honorees. The life-long softball player moved to Sun City 16 years ago from Irving, Texas. In addition to his playing and managing duties, Herren has served on the league's board of directors and he built the trophy cases for the ball fields in Sun city and Sun City West.

Doug Wright - At the time of his induction, Doug, had been a resident of Sun City for 20 years and playing in the softball league for 11 years. When he began his play in the league there were only 6 teams and their games were played on a somewhat primitive ball field located on Grand Ave.
He has served on the board of directors, for the league and while doing so wrote the first edition of the league’s newsletter and continued writing publishing and distributing this newsletter for the next three years.
He worked for five years with the Sun City Recreation Centers Board of Directors to facilitate the construction of the Sun Bowl Softball Field in Sun City. During this time he canvassed all the homes in the immediate neighborhood of the proposed field to determine the feelings of the residents about the proposed field. A General meeting was also held to obtain further attitudes toward this project. He attended countless numbers of meetings with members of the Recreation Centers Board of Directors and finally met with the Maricopa County Zoning Commission on two occasions to facilitate the re-zoning of the property for recreational purposes.
When the Field became a reality, and it was necessary to charter the Softball Club under the umbrella of the Recreation Centers, he became the first president of that club and continued in that capacity for six years.


Lew Hurley - The only new inductee who is not still active in the league. Hurley played and managed for eight years, and held the office of league president and treasurer. He was responsible for introducing Saturday games in Sun City and Sun City West. A stroke in 1996 ended his softball career, and eventually led to his move from his Sun City home, where he lived for 20 years, to Southern California. Morrie Lane accepted the plaque on Hurley's behalf.

Matt Szydlowski - He has been active in the softball league since moving to Sun City West 10 years ago from Williamsville, N.Y. (a Buffalo suburb), where he was an athletic director at Maryvale High School in neighboring Cheektowaga.
Syzdlowski has played and managed, and been very involved with the board of directors during his tenure with the league, including serving three stints on the board and two terms as league president. He remains athletically active, refereeing high school football in addition to his softball playing.

Steve Letko - A 14-year resident of Sun City, Letko has played and managed, as well as served on the league's board of directors, for the past nine years. He plays a prominent role in maintaining the Sun Bowl softball field in Sun City. Letko never played softball until moving to Sun City from Waukesha, Wis., and he is "still improving," he pronounced


Steve Griswold - Born, September 3, 1922, and reared on a farm in Montana. After graduation from college was drafted in 1944 and served two years in the US Army. 18 months of that in McArthur’s headquarters in the Philippines. After the service spent three years at home in Montana and in 1949 married Betty Hespen, a local gal, and following two more years of schooling at Ganado on the Navajo Reservation in Northern Arizona, continued in Idaho, back in Arizona, then in California, and concluded in Salome, Arizona retiring in 1989. The coaching career was carried and exciting and included 6 , 8, and 11 man football, junior an senior high school boys and girls and independent basketball, little league and high school baseball, track and often busy driving. Through those years Betty and I reared three boys and three girls. The youngest boy and girl were adopted. In January 1987 Betty died – a cancer victim. After retiring in 1989 I traveled around the US and Canada for a year and half (looking for a home)_ visiting relatives, army buddies, former students, college classmates, etc. Managed to be in every state of the US abut found no place better to line in than the Phoenix area so settled here where I met and eventually married my present wife, Lois, in 1993. , and that summer we moved to our present home in Sun City.
Over the years I had some softball experience (fast pitch) in college, the service, league and/or church tournaments in Montana, Arizona, Idaho and California. At one time or another played every position. Never did I dream of a place like Sun City where I could play five or six days a week year around and even beginning at age 71. Beginning in December 1993 I practiced and played at every opportunity and was assigned to a team in January 1994 and haven’t missed many games since. I soon got involved in managing, scheduling, team assignments, directed the summer league for 4 years. Was president of the league 1996-1998 while it was Sun City and Sun City West combined and after we had to reorganize as separate clubs I was president of the Sun City Club for the 2000-2002 seasons. In the fall of 1994 I was a charter member of the Rinkydinks II which was organized to play Barney’s Guys & Gals and which the next year became the Retreads. I was Manager of the Retreads in 1998 when the Friday co-ed league was organized.
Since 1999 I have played with and managed most of the time with the league, played with the Guys and Gals every Monday and Friday. Played with the Sun City - Sun City West 70’s on Saturday, and in a variety of tournaments. It has been a real privilege to play and also to meet and get to know a few hundred great guys and gals. I plan to quit as soon as the body wears out or it ceases to be fun, whichever comes first!

Bob Millslagel - Started to play softball and hardball with Calvin Coolidge grade school teams in 1936. Joined a softball team that was sponsored by Durgues Squirt bottling company in 1939 , coached by A. J. Robertson the basketball coach at Bradley U. in Peoria, Illinois. Went undefeated the next three years and was Illinois sate champions those three years. Went to Manualhigh school and graduated in 1944 and went into the navy. Got out in 1946 and got married in January 1947. We had three children, Jeanette; Roberta; and Michael. Retired from the post office in 1979 after being with them for 30 years. Moved to Sun City . Started to play softball same year. Joined the traveling league the following year. Have played with the 55's 60's 65's 70's and now with the 75's. While with the 70's on the world title with a bunch of the best fellow's playing. When the Sun Bowl field was opened they ask me to take care of the field and I said yes if I could get some help and Steve Letko and a lot more came aboard to help. Still am helping out., five years later. Thanks to all of those that have helped. It made for a lot of fun.


Bud Peek - A member for 12 years Bud has served on the board of directors for 2 terms and was instrumental in forming training teams for new players entering the league. He was instrumental in having the board purchase a pitching machine for batting practice. He assisted our sister community Sun City Grand in organizing their softball club. Working with others Bud organized and played in tournaments at Dysart High School and Luke field in March when other fields were not available to National League players. His leadership was also evident when he helped set up organized work days and crews at the field to handle routine maintenance chores that insure dour playing field remained 1st class. We all owe Bud a huge thank you for making the Sun cities Senior Softball League a great place to play. Welcome to the Hall of Fame.

Bob Morgan - A member of the league for 12 years Bob served as a board member 2 times and was Vice President for one year. He just completed his 11th year as a team manager. He has managed 22 teams and won 8 league championships. Bob helped in developing and inaugurating the idea of a Sun City vs. Sun city West all star game and picnic the last 2 years. Bob exudes enthusiasm, he is one of the most upbeat people you could ever meet. YES! Welcome to the Hall of Fame.


Loran Swanson - Loran, a member for 9 years, epitomizes the word giver. He not only enjoys playing senior softball, and playing it well, but when he realized how much fun he was having, he knew he wanted to give something back. Has he ever given back!
He was the Kuentz Field Manager in 1995, a tasked he still assists with today. He has been a team manager numerous times, always willing to help. 
In 1997 Loran began to organize information that was necessary to conduct player drafts for our leagues. He assisted in conducting the drafts, prepared team rosters and schedules for both American and National League play. He registered all new players and maintained personnel records for the entire league. Loran has more information on us than we can possible imagine. These are tasks that he not only did but continues to do to this day. 
Also in 1997 with assistance from Steve Griswold and Dolores Warrick's Gals & Guys teams serving as the opposition, Loran was instrumental in forming the Green Team, which still serves as the instructional organization, preparing new players to participate on our regular league teams.
He has graciously served with the board through six administrations. Although he had the title of Administrative Assistant, he has served as Secretary, Treasurer, and News Reporter for the results of games and even produced the Newsletter when club and league officers were on vacation or absent for various reasons. Of his own initiative he developed a special hand out entitled "Welcome To Softball In The Sun Cities". This piece is given to the all new arrivals interested in playing in our leagues. He continues to tinker with our score sheets as well a member applications to insure they provide information in an accurate and concise manner. 
Along with the many other things Loran does behind the scenes to make our league better he has worked on the By-Laws and Rules committees. If that is not enough hew was a valuable contributor working as a committee member to upgrade our present uniforms. 
Today Loran's title is "League Coordinator", he has been and continues to be a tireless worker. I don't believe Loran has ever said no to anyone that was looking for help in making our league better. Of all the jobs he does I think the one he enjoys and finds the most rewarding welcoming new members to softball in the Sun Cities.

Bill Bromley - Born August 31, 1933 in Danville, Illinois.
Pitched baseball and softball in grade school, high school and the Air Force.
He also pitched softball in summer and church leagues in Sterling, Illinois.
A member for 15 years Bill’s contributions to the league have been many!
Bill was responsible for the food, entertainment and MC for the first 2 indoor league banquets.
He served 2 terms on the softball board. On his first term he was responsible for uniforms and their distribution, Bill also made schedules for both umpires and scorekeepers. He ordered and assisted in the installation of the mats that are under the batters box which prevent us from digging holes when we all step in to hit.
He was the field manager at Sun City West and was instrumental in having additional doors put in each dugout. Prior to this each dugout only had one opening. Along with others Bill helped to start the National League. he made the motion for a trial and needless to say the rest is history.
During Bill's second tour of duty on the board he once again had responsibility for the condition of the field as well as serving as the Special Events Director, examples being assisting in setting up the Fireman's Day Charity games, All Star Games, etc. He has always been and continues to be willing to help make our league and club better.
His true claim to fame however is in his abilities as an inventor. Yes, Bill Bromley, invented the spare ball holder that is used to accommodate the infield ball as well as the extra ball behind the plate


Gene Chervinko - Gene has been a member of the league for 13 years and has managed for 9 of those years. Under his management and with his knowledge of other players capabilities, the teams he has drafted are consistently in the upper division vying for the championship. Gene served as a director on the league board three years and has served on the Hall of Fame selection committee.

Tait Douglas - Tait has been a member of the league for 14 years serving on the board in 1991 and 1992. 
In 1992, his proposal to the board that tournament for non-traveling players be played at Kuentz Field each spring was adopted.
In 1994, Tait served on the committee to build a softball field in Sun City.
Tait currently serves as treasurer for the Sun City Senior Softball Club board and is on the Awareness Committee to make people in Sun City aware that softball is available to play and watch.

Ken Skinner - Ken joined the league in 1996.
With a background as an ASA umpire he conducts clinics for all players who are interested in improving their umpiring skills. He also serves as Umpire-In-Chief for the league. 
In 1999 he created our softball web site and serves as Webmaster of In 1999 he was elected to the league board. His first action was to enlarge the strike zone mat from 17' to 21" wide. 
Ken was a member of the negotiating team that secured a waiver from the SCW recreation centers to allow the SCW softball club to continue commingling with the SC softball club.  Ken chaired the transition committee to help reorganize the league into two clubs and help rewrite the league rules.
In 2000 he was elected as the first president of the reorganized Sun City West Softball Club and was also the president of the newly reorganized Sun Cities Senior Softball League.
In 2001 he started the Tri-Cities League, this brought competitive organized play for the first time between the 3 Sun Cities; help organize charitable softball games with the Sun City West Fireman; instrumental in having the outfield fence at Kuentz Field heighten from 5' to 12'; instrumental in having the recreation centers install covers over the bleachers; organized the first spring fling tournament which involved for the first time teams from our neighboring cites; Help design the SCW Softball Club logo. Commissioned a local artist, Frank Bray, to build a Kachina in the likeness of the SCW logo. Reinstituted the spring fling tournament for the National League players; involved in the first meetings with the recreation centers relevant to the new clubhouse building.
Instrumental in organizing and managing the SCW 60s tournament team. Played in a few local tournaments and participated in the 2002 & 2003 Senior Olympics.
In 2002 Ken was active in a membership fund drive for the new SCW softball clubhouse and served on the Hall Of Fame committee.


Bob Rentner - On February 12, 1987 Bob played his first game in the Sun Cities Senior Softball League on the Mull Realty team. In 1988 Bob was elected to the Board of Directors for three years. During that period he served as vice-president for two of those years. Other duties included writing the rules of play and keeping them updated. In those days, there were only seven teams, we met with each team before each half season and went over the rules, especially new ones. He was also the chief umpire which involved assigning umpires for each game. He also helped out in the purchasing of equipment, uniforms, etc. During this period we decided to use a more scientific approach to assigning players to teams. Dick Martin and Bob spent a good month watching all the games in an effort to evaluate each player on a scale of 1 to 10 in various categories. They were not sure if the end product was any better but we did give it a lot of effort. Another Board project at this time was the moving the League into Kuentz field. We had many meetings with the Recreation Center especially involving a club charter. Seems because we had Sun City players they didn't want to charter our club. In the early 1990's Bob wrote a memo to the existing Board, headed by John Winterhalter, concerning dividing the League into two parts. It was apparent the League was growing and a single League was becoming cumbersome. Secondly, new equipment and younger players was making the game dangerous. If memory serves, it was 1992 when the League finally divided into the National and American divisions based solely on player safety. From 1993 to 1997 he wrote articles for the American League reporting game scores and players exploits. These articles were sent to each of the local papers as is done today. Over the years he tried to manage several teams but found he was not a very good manager.


Carl Johnson - Carl moved to Sun City in 1996. He joined the Softball Club in the fall of 1997.  He had never played baseball or softball, so at age 62 he started a new adventure. With the help from fellow players and by attending all available practice session, he learned ot play the game.  He started playing on the Green Team and became team mananger of 3 years.  He helped develop the process for bringing new palyers into the softball programs and getting them assigned to the correct league and team.  He also put together and information package for new plaers. Carl managed several National League teams and was the first manager to draft a female player onto a Sun Cities Softball team. He was elected to the Sun City Softball Board of Directors in 2003 and served as club secretary for 2 years.  As a Board member he helped to organize work crews for field improvements. He organized and managed special game teams, such as the SCW Field Dedication game and the SC/SCW All Star Games. He helped organize and managed league tournament teams for the spring fling, Sun City Grand and Arizona Traditions Tournaments. Carl managed the National League summer sessions for 2 years, he did this as an individual effort, doing all team assignments, all game schedules and all field maintenace.  He aslo helped organized the American and National Leagues combined teams for summer play. In 2003 Carl initiaged and organized the National League Committee, and served as Committee Chairman.  He establihed a 6 man committee to conduct all National League Guidelines, Developed the process for assinging players to teams and established leauge schedues.  He assigned committee members to responsibilites fro rules, team player selections, news paper coverage, player rosters, schedules, internet, torunament organizingh and reporting player information to Angels in the Outfield.  These committee members corrected short comings that Carl and others had realized wer not being correctly addressed to teh National League. This committee has had an outstanding record of overseeing the National League.  Most Notable has bee adjustments to the rules to keep on field arguements to a minimum and has an achievement of keeping leauge teams exceptioally well balanced.  As a Testimony to the effectiveness of Carl's and the committee's efforts, the American Leauge has adopted the National League's Committee concept and has used parts of the National League Guiodelins for the 2006 Spring Session.  Carl has always been a spokesman for promoting the League as a recreational activity and has made a major effort to promote fair play and insure Sun Cities Softball is and enjoyable experience for all players.


Earl Bell - While serving as president of the Sun Cities Softball League, an attempt was made to separate our two communities from playing our game together. In negotiations with our Recreation Centers, Earl ably provide the leadership necessary to keep our playing status as it had been for the preceding twenty years with old friendships still in tact. This probably would not have happened without his professional diplomacy in representing our Sun City West Softball Club. As a member on the Sun City West Club Board, Earl served as the field maintenance manager helping to bring the field to the standards we enjoy today and later as the safety director, making sure the condition of our entire facility, field and all of our equipment provided a safe environment for all of ur players. Earl has always been willing to help in any way he could for the betterment of the league. In his quite and reserve manner, he also served as team manager in the National League for a number of times, giving new players encouragement in their play.

John Doherty - For seven years, while serving as the editor of our softball newsletter, John rarely missed any of the board meetings, Sun City West and Sun City Senior Softball League meetings. Although not a board member, his contributions were so welcomed and valuable because of the information he gleaned from each meeting. This brought continuity to our softball program. His newsletters provided accurate and timely information to all of the softball players. As if that were not enough, John researched and interviewed many players so the history of our softball league could be documented with accuracy of all to enjoy. He continues to update our history and that can be found on our softball web site. So that our players are not forgotten John has recently assumed the responsibility of maintaining a record of deceased players. This list goes back to the early years of our softball league. His monthly articles in the SCW Rec News gets the attention of prospective new players more effectively than any other means of getting new players into our softball program.

Dick LeMoine - Beginning his senior softball career in the Sun Cities in 1996, he immediately caught the eyes of many with the power he exhibited with his bat, but almost as quickly the organizational skills and his ability to accomplish projects that were only a dream for most of us defined the real Dick LeMoine. Some of the projects he is responsible for are Angels in the Outfield, The SCW clubhouse, billboards to finance the clubhouse, new foul poles, new foul lines, batting mats, new score board, first base warm-up area, Liberty Field sign on the score board, the big cement yellow softball, Ramada picnic area soon to be built and a new flag pole in the future. While working on these projects Dick has found time to be club president, club treasurer, and American league representative, player placement member, team manager, field maintenance manager and purchasing agent for equipment, uniforms and supplies. One of his more ambitious projects is the Tin Cup Golf Tournament which raises huge amounts of money that flows into the softball scoffers. With his vision and the desire to always improve our softball program his achievements have given us the opportunity to take our softball program to another level.

Paul Turley - Two things that Paul enjoys are softball and working with his computer. His enjoyment of softball has given him the opportunity to give back by doing design work that is softball related. His finger prints are all over our SCW complex. Billboard signs on the outfield fence were designed by Paul at no expense to our club and sponsors, saving both thousands of dollars. Professional brochures for prospective advertisers are also his work. The initial design of the clubhouse, including the weather vane on top, are his. Most of the t-shirts and many of our uniforms we wear were designed by Paul. The ramada/picnic area, soon to be built near the third base dugout, has been a project very close to his heart. He has also been responsible for the graphics for the softball related Tin Cup Golf Tournament. Even with all the countless hours he has given back he still finds time to play the game of softball. For a number of years he played in the American League and with the Sidewinder 70's, 75's and Mesa 80's. traveling tournament teams. More recently, his play has been in the National League but to watch him hit is appears he could still play an any level. For all of his contributions, he seeks no recognition or compensation but deserves so much.


Glen Carroll - As member for 13 years Glen managed the National League summer session 2 years; Member of the National League committee; Currently Naitonal League chairman; Team manager for several years; Current manager of the Brenda's Kitchen; Served on various committees including field maintenance, Spring Fling, Sponsor Pancake Breakfast. His goal is that everyone has the opportunity to play and enjoy the games regardless of their skill levels, SAFELY.

Jim McGuire - Jim became a manager in the National League in 1998 while serving as player rep for the National League. Jim then moved to the America League in 2000, served as manager for the next 8 years. He was also elected to the club board in 2000 and 2004 serving as secretary, 2002-2002 and VP, 2004. Jim as served as the Annual Spring Banquet chairman for 4 years.

Bob Stouthamer - Among his many contributions, Bob served as President of the Club and the League and made major improvements in team sponsorship.
After playing a half season in the National League, the next several years I tried to compete in the American League, notice, I said tried to compete. Oh well, they tolerated me anyway. I'm a big believer in giving back in anything I do. All too often we find it easy to take, abut we neglect to give back and contribute, where we might try to make a good situation even better, Over the years I have had the good fortune of being able to work with so many dedicated caring people on numerous issues at both the Club and League level. In addressing the many opportunities, we didn't always agree on problem solving approached, but we always worked together for the betterment of the individual Clubs and the League we represented. A lesson learned many years ago was that no one accomplishes anything without the help of others. Believe me then I tell you that because of all the exceptional support I received from so many of your for such a long time, I have taken away much more that I could have ever given back to our Sun City West Softball Club an the Sun Cities Senior Softball League.

Ernie Mueller - Ernie started playing in 1990. He was field maintenance manager for Liberty Field for 2 years. Board Secretary under Lou Hurley for 2 years; Board Secretary under Matt Szydlowski, 2 years; Board Director under Bob Stouthamer for 1 year. He, along with Ken Stewart, put together a team, the Rinkydinks to play the girls on Fridays, The Barney Guy and Dolls, and later added the Mavericks and Retreads. That was the beginning of the Friday League in 1993. He also worked with Bud Peek to start the Spring Fling Tournaments in 1995. He still manages a team that tournament
In 1994 he contacted Lund Cadillac and they agreed to sponsor the Rinkydinks and later the Mavericks, retreads, Green Team the Saturday over 70 teams and Sun City Grand Over 70;s for 2 years. ernie and Paul Baumhardt got together a team for the Senior Olympics, also sponsored by Lund. Thanks to Ernie, Lund has been furnishing caps and shirts for the Summer League since its beginning. All together, Ernie has persuaded Lund to contribute more than $30,000 to support us over the years. Most of us know the he has been active in Sun Cities Softball for along time, but few realize how much he has really contributed.

George Karras - When I was elected to the Sun City West Board of Directors, I wanted to show my appreciation to the club for all the years of being able to play the game. Helping to take care of our field has been one of my ways of doing this. I have enjoyed the work we have done to make our field one of the best in the area. As Field manager, George has spearheaded many significant facilities improvements. He has been a member of the league for 17 years. George was instrumental in starting the artifical turf infield project at Liberty Field in SCW.  Unfortunately the project was just getting started when George passed. 


Ray Early - Born and raised in Topeka Kansas, he attended Washburn University, graduating with a BBA degree. He went to work for the Santa Fe Railroad, holding various positions in purchasing and materials departments. After working for the railroad for 29 years, he took early retirement and three years later he moved to Sun City West, following his parents who moved to the Valley of the Sun in 1976.

Always interested in sports he played baseball, football, basketball and golfed growing up. Upon moving to Sun City West he found that there was an active softball program here and although he had not played for over 20 yrs, thought it would be fun to play again. He has become involved in the softball club acting as purchasing agent for uniforms and equipment for over 7yrs. When we started the women’s program he was a coach and reporter for ladies teams.

He is also the voice of Liberty field during American League games and special events handling the public address duties. When told of his election to the Hall of Fame his comments were “I wanted to get involved in the club and to give something back. I’ve never been involved in this kind of “fraternity” before. It’s the greatest group of men and women in which a person could hope to be involved.”

Lyle Bakken - Born in Drake, North Dakota in 1934, Lyle attended Drake High School. He entered the Army and served a 3 year duty, of which 18 months were spent in Korea. After being discharged with the rank of Sergeant he attended Fargo Business College in Fargo, North Dakota

After graduation he was employed as a brakeman for the Great Northern Railroad, a surveyor for the North Dakota Highway Department. He started his banking career with the American State Bank in Minot, North Dakota. After 4 years he joined the 1st National Bank in Drake, purchasing a 1/2 interest in 1975. He joined the Walhalla State Bank in 1987 and spent 10 years there before retiring in 1997.

During his banking career he found time to get married in 1958 to Maren, and they are the proud parents of 4 children. Their extended family 5 granddaughters, 1 grandson, 2 step-grandchildren, and 4 foster grandchildren.

Lyle joined the Sun City West Softball Club in 1998. He has served on the board as Treasurer. He was also responsible for all the record keeping and accounting functions for the Liberty Field projects. He has also served as a manager for the Edward Jones team, and was instrumental in the creation of the Friday Co-ed League and was a manager for 2 years. He is currently serving as the club accountant for the last 2 years.

John Winterhalter -


Mike Graham - Mike has been actively involved in the league since he joined in 2001. Some of his contributions are:

  • Served on the Sun City board as President and Vice President
  • Served on the League board as Vice President and Secretary
  • Created and maintained the league database
  • Supported the draft process with draft lists, rosters and schedules
  • Created formalized processes for the Sun City club, league board and American League placement and draft committees
  • Helped with field maintenance at the Sun City Field in the summer
  • Relieved umpires of the first game on all American League games days so they could warm up
  • Filled in for missing umpires or scorekeepers whenever needed
  • Umpired or kept score at many special events
  • Did American League write ups when the reporter was absent.
  • Created and maintained the write up and standings web site.

But most importantly he has promoted a philosophy of enjoyment first and competition second to softball in the league by encouraging others and being a friend to all

Art Nelson - In 1998 he joined the Sun City West Softball Club and became involved with the Sun Cities Softball League, now the association serving 2 years as President and Vice President for 1 year. He managed for 9 consecutive years for the Lund Cadillac, Heritage Traditions, and Rosie’s Italian Café. He also served on the on the American League rules committee for 3 years and the draft committee for 3 years.

He has also been involved with the Sun City West Softball Club as Vice President for 1 year, President for 1 year and served on the Tin Cup Golf Tournament committee for 5 years and served as the Treasurer for 4 years.

Wayne Mitchell - In 1998 he joined the Sun City West Softball Club and became involved with the Sun Cities Softball League, now the association serving 2 years as President and Vice President for 1 year. He managed for 9 consecutive years for the Lund Cadillac, Heritage Traditions, and Rosie’s Italian Café. He also served on the on the American League rules committee for 3 years and the draft committee for 3 years.

He has also been involved with the Sun City West Softball Club as Vice President for 1 year, President for 1 year and served on the Tin Cup Golf Tournament committee for 5 years and served as the Treasurer for 4 years.

Tex Wells - Join Sun City West Softball Club May 2002
Coaching American league summer sessions 2001, Stop coaching spring 2007
Ran for SCW board 2003. Became chairmen of Summer American league 2003. Started managing winter ball 2003 /Heritage Tradition, 2004 Arrowhead Honda. Worked two years with Loren with new players. Started cooking, ordering food and set up for all field tournaments and events 2007 to Ran for SCW board 2008, elected treasurer for 2008, 2009
Elected to Sun Cities league board 2008, 2009, 2008/2009 American League Rules Chairman
Helped with Annual Softball Banquet 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008
File manager for SCW club 2008 to Inventory manager of Jersey's 2009 to
Hall of Fame Committee fall 2010.


Bill Buxton - Not being retired when he moved to Sun City in 1994, he didn't begin playing senior softball until late 2000 with the Ray Murphy team in the Friday co-ed league. He began playing in the National League in January 2001 and moved to the American League two months later.

He became a manager in 2003 and is still one in 2011. He was elected to the Sun City Senior Softball board in 2005 and became president in 2006, and was elected to the SCSSA board again in 2011. At the present time serves on the American League committee. Come on out to the Sun Bowl field and most likely this is where his is at he tries to keep it in the best of playing conditions.

Mike Hester - Mike served on the board for the SCW Softball Club as vice president for two years and two years as president of the SCSSA.

He worked to build softball in the Sun Cities area by wroking to bring women's softball here, and vintage baseball to Sun City West, along with displaying our great facility to other clubs and creating a home and home series with Palm Desert Sun City which started in 2011.

He was also involved in the Tin Cup Golf Tournament as chairman for two years.

Larry Kuberka - Larry served 2 years on Sun City Senior Softball Club board. During those 2 years, he chaired every committee at some time. He also served 1 year on the SCSSA board and 1 year on the Hall of Fame Nominating Committee. His main goal during his tenure was to get the ball field a new scoreboard. He started a scoreboard fun and then became know as the Can Man collecting aluminum cans from both cities and anything else aluminum to supplement the fund. With the help of a scoreboard committee and donations help from many individuals, the Can Man was informed that the Sun City club could now buy a new scoreboard.

While chairing the field maintenance committee, he built the new batter boxes and with the help of 2 Hall of Fame players , Steve Letko nd Paul Vitale, installed them.

Larry has run both he American and National League election days for the past 5 years.

Larry has also been a team manager for 5 sessions. When cancer hit Larry and had him begging for mercy. he wanted to do one more thing and with the help and support of many players and their spouses, plus the many sponsors and friends, Sun City's "Cancer Survivor's Day" was held, Donation of over $2500 to fight cancer was presented to the Lymphoma Foundation.

Arvid Peterson - In the SCSSA he has been a manager, sponsor coordinator, club secretary, SCSSA president, and many committee's including rules, Hall of Fame, ratings, team sponsor for the American League, women's HOt Flashes/Flames, and 5 Sidewinder Tournament Teams, Also sponsored charity tournament, Cardiac Kids, Bosom Buddies, Tin Cup and Larry Kuberka Cancer, Also sponsor two billboards, He absolutely loves playing softball and associating with his softball friends.


Carol Bowden - My first contact was with Loran Swanson. Knowing my background, he coaxed me into helping establish a viable women's program. Loran was my first softball mentor. My learning curve for softball grew with 2 other mentors, Mike Hestor and Art Nelson, and I got more involved. I have managed teams, represented the women to the SCW Softball board, chaired the women’s program, attended Ken Skinner's umpiring school, was vice president of the SCW softball board and president of the Sun Cities Senior Softball League, helped Rick Fish implement the database, got our food bank donation drive stared with the help of Julie McGlynn, arranged for team pictures, managed a co-ed team during the Saddlebrook challenge, worked on the Tin Cup, worked to get women to play in our "hit & giggle" group for the Tin Cup, and even cooked with Tex! I have relearned my batting skills things to Bob Dobbins and have had Frank Coumont scrutinized my pitching. I still am a coach at heart ( I'm sure that’s no surprise to everyone), so I volunteer coach at the Nadaburg Desert Oasis school in their middle school softball program.

Linda Graham -Born in Grand Island, Nebraska, but spent most of my school years in Wyoming. By the time I was 15, I had met my future life partner and it soon became very obvious that being at the ball field was going to be a huge part of that future. Whether it was traveling to tournaments, coaching t-ball games for our son or spending most Tuesdays and Thursdays at the field as we do now, it has been a real joy.
Most of my career was spent trying to understand computers and then explaining them to others. That still remains a hobby of mine. Another interest of mine is almost anything medical. Unfortunately until recently, I had way too many opportunities to advance my knowledge in that area. My partner and I enjoy visiting our golfer son in California as well as trying to keep up with our daughter and 3 super grandkids.

Since my retirement, my passion relating to the softball league has been:
Blind acceptance to what is "NOW" (Few of us have the same skills we remember having in earlier times)
Appreciation for the opportunity to enjoy playing a game or just spending time with friends.
Long for ways to give back ( I highly recommend this!)
Love and compassion for those who are struggling themselves or enduring the struggles of their loved ones. 

In an attempt to follow the previously listed passions, I became a student, learning all I could about how the clubs and the league worked. Learning as much history as I could from visits with “Old-timers” as well as reading available documentation. Many hours were logged at Mike’s elbow as he served on the Club and League Boards. As I discovered how many opinions I had, it seemed a natural progression to serve on the Club and League Boards as well. It was my pleasure to work with club board members to acquire a new scoreboard. (Thank you Larry Kuberka) The next exciting accomplishment was getting our grandstands remodeled, making them much more user-friendly. I especially enjoyed organizing the league Spring Banquet as a potluck, tasting the favorite dishes of the players and their spouses with NO outlay of Sun City Club funds. Art Nelson and I had great fun putting together the first Christmas Holiday fun games. Membership on the new IT Committee may have seemed a little rocky, but progress has been made, hopefully with the understanding of club members, which is very important to me. There have been many recent changes to the structure of the League. Not all were supported by me as I strongly believe in giving notice, allowing discussion and assessing input from those who will be impacted by the decisions the “Powers that Be” make. Time marches on. I have no regrets and I still have plenty of opinions to share and yes, I will still be happy to keep score or run the scoreboard or retrieve ice packs when the need arises.
Member of the Sun City Board for 4 years, 2 years as president; Member of the League Board. Served as back-up reporter for the American League. Maintained the previous joint database and posted write-ups and standings when Mike was unable to.
Lastly, although not an official function of the softball clubs, being a member and chairperson of Angels in the Outfield had a huge impact on me. It was a sometimes not so gentle reminder how blessed each of us is to be able to go to enjoy this game we call softball.

Rich McAndrews - Born in Butte, Montana in 1944 the second of two children. My brother and I spent our earlier years living in Anaconda with our parents and our summers with our Grandparents on a cattle ranch in southwestern Montana. While we never got an opportunity to play baseball or softball we had a rewarding, educational, and hard working experience spending our summers and any time off from school on a ranch. Where else can you learn to cuss, chew tobacco, smoke a cigarette, milk cows, birth and brand calves, and break colts to lead and ride but on a ranch. Prior to graduating from Anaconda High School in 1962, I was hired as a service clerk (box boy) for a new grocery store that was coming to town. (Buttrey later to be known as Buttrey Food and Drug.) I started that job on April 12, 1961 and continued working for Buttrey until September 30, 1998. Thirty seven and a half years later. 
During that time I attended night school at Butte Business College, spent six years in the National Guard, moved seventeen different times in eight different cities in two states. While with Buttrey I held the following positions box boy, produce clerk, produce mgr. Lead grocery clerk, Assistant store manager, Store Manager, Assistant District Manager, District Manager, and Regional Director. Back in April of 1961 Buttrey had 10 stores and one small warehouse with some office space. We grew the business to fifty three stores located in Washington, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and North Dakota. A food distribution, corporate office center and mail order pharmacy in Great Falls Mt., a general merchandise warehouse in Payson, UT. a produce distribution center in Sparks, Nevada and a produce warehouse in Salt Lake City, UT. Buttrey grew to be the second highest employer in the state of Montana. 
My wife Sharon and I met in Cheyenne, Wyoming and we will be married twenty five years this July. We have three children and three grand children. We moved to Sun City West in March of 2003. I joined the Sun City West Softball club in 2004. Since joining the club I have been a player, manager, Sun City West board member, and currently a National League Committee member, and joined the IT Committee in 2009. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have found such a wonderful place to retire, to associate with so many great friends, and to be part of a wonderful softball family.

Bob Williams - Bob has  played in the National League for 7 years and been a manager (for Southwest Golf and Farrar Chiropractic ) for 6 years, and has  had 3 championship teams.  He has served as the National League newspaper and website reporter and standings keeper for 5 years.  This has entailed reviewing over 2300 score sheets.  In 2009 and 2010 he has served terms on both the Sun City West Board and SCSSA Board and served on various committees.  For 4 years he organized the  National League Summer Sessions.  For 5 years he has organized the  National League Spring Fling Tournament and was the first to invite an all women's team to participate.   He also managed teams in the Spring Fling  for 4 years and won it twice.  He has played in the I-10 Challenge against Palm Desert 3 times.

He has played for the Guys and Gals team on Monday mornings providing training and live competition for the Green Team, several years.  Still playing with Guys and Gals in the co-ed Friday League.

He managed a team in the 2010 Cardiac Kids Tournament. 

Bob would like to be remembered as a good glove man!  He considers being the league reporter a wonderful opportunity to promote our softball club and community.  He says his biggest satisfaction comes from putting players in positions to succeed, especially those whose skills may be waning.


Laurel Andrew - Born in Santa Ana, CA in 1947. Raised in Mead, WA until moving to Seattle in1967. In 1971, while stationed at the US Army Training Center at Ft Dix, was noticed that I was a stickler for organization and detail. I was assigned to the Casualty Branch during the Viet Nam War sharing responsibility for “Soldiers Records Maintenance” and “Fallen Soldier Honor Details”. Promoted to personal secretary to HQ Command Sergeant Major and assumed the duties of preparing the Post’s invitations/banquet menus and the Women’s Army Reception Cadre for the HQ events such as the banquet for US Army Chief of Staff, General William Westmoreland. 1971 Played for the Ft Dix Women’s Golf Team at West Point, NY. Where they won 1st Place. 1972 Played on the Ft Dix, Women’s Basketball Team at Hershey, Pennsylvania. Team won nothing….I probably shouldn’t have played “Center”.

1974 Married her husband of 37 years, Harold “Andy” Andrew. Put in 30 Years with the United States Department of Agriculture starting out as a Loan/Grant Specialist for Water/Sewer Projects in Washington State.

Promoted to Environmental Specialist for USDA: prepared and completed the Environmental “1 Point Process” for the Federal USDA and the State Agencies in Washington State.

Retired in 2000 and moved to Arizona and began playing golf at Grandview until I met Loran Swanson. Then, the REAL fun began. I quit golf and joined the women’s softball league. Played on the Hot Flashes Team and became President of the Women’s Softball Club.

Glenn Carroll encouraged me to join the National League. I have since played on eight different teams. Rich McAndrews offered me an N/L Managing position and the honor of being the first woman manager in the N/L.

Joined the Sun City West Coed League and became Manager of the HOT PEPPERS Team and Chairman of the Friday Coed League.

Managed the CHIPMUNK TEAM’s in two Spring Flings and with the invitation from Bobby Williams, brought in the first all women team. However, the all male teams made quick work of showing us the gate.

2 yrs as Secretary of SCW Softball Club under Bob Peck and Dick LeMoine.

Dennis Farrar - Dennis was presented his 50 years of calling award at the 2007 International Callers Association (Callerlab) Convention held in Colorado Springs.

Dennis met his wife Terese Moriak at a square dance, of course, and they will soon celebrate their 23rd Wedding Anniversary in April. They are the proud parents of 2 children, Missie and Jesse and two beautiful grand-daughters, Karlie (11) and Leah (8).

Joining the softball family in 2003, he got involved by serving early with making coffee, and getting the doughnuts for the NL games. He has been a manager for NL teams and currently manages the Farrar Chiropractic team for the Co-Ed games. He has served on the SCW Club Board and the League Board as secretary. He has been your “Batter Up” Newsletter editor since 2004 (59 issues). Thank you for all your support and thank you to all of you who have contributed articles over these years. A special thank you goes to John Doherty for the opportunity and the confidence to serve you as your editor.

Dennis was instrumental in putting most of the music on the computer in SCW and started announcing games through the encouragement of Loren Swanson.

He has made this Hall of Fame Brochure for the last five years (including this one).

In 2010 set up a YouTube account to share club and league events, including memorial tributes of fallen ball players. Special emphases on the construction and installation of the infield of the Astroturf at Liberty Field in the summer of 2011. Dennis is currently on the IT committee and the chairman of the Member Search on the league website. You will find him at Liberty Field with his cameras and laptop most anytime posting the pictures to the website. In the past year, players and fans have enjoyed the music and announcing that Dennis provides, when possible at the Sun Bowl Field in Sun City for the National League games giving them a little extra flavor to their games.

Dennis never dreamed that he would be playing sports at this age, and insists that it is far less strenuous playing ball than doing yard work around the house. However he enjoys the friendships as well as the game itself. Dennis says, winning shouldn’t be everything. Nobody says it’s just a game when you’re winning. Remember, the friendships we have along life’s road and showing your compassion for each other should take precedence over winning. And as Dennis would say, “That’s as I see it. Have a good game and get home safe”.

Len Wicketts - Lennie and Sal settled in Sun City after having lived in nine states (and 23 houses!). Although Lennie has wore many hats during his working days, working at Montgomery Ward’s in the late ‘50’s, Whites Department Stores in the early to mid ‘60’s, involved with his brother in the furniture store business early to mid ‘70’s to being a director of a Horse Race Track for the Pueblo of Pojoaque in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Now to stay active, Lennie took a part-time job with Pruitt’s Furniture and settled into semi-retirement. Driving by Liberty Field, he and Sally stopped to watch a senior softball game. Although not having played since 1985 when he was the manager/player of a team consisting of sons, a son-in-law and a brother, Lennie was intrigued and said to Sally, "I think I can still play." Sally’s cousin, Wayne Nystrom, was playing in the league so they talked with him; Lennie joined the league two weeks later. That was in 2005 and “THE REST JUST HAPPENED!” As a player, manager, Sun City Board Member, Green Team Coordinator and National League Committee Member, coupled with his inability to say “no” to anything that advances Sun City Senior Softball. On the field you’ll always hear his familiar phase when playing or watching him play, “That’s a gaper”!


Ron Eppley - was born in 1938 on a small chicken farm in York County, Pennsylvania.  They had no electricity, no running water, no indoor plumbing but a two holer outhouse.  They raised hens, ducks, turkeys, geese, genies, hogs, steers and one cow for milk.  He had been shot by a sawed off shotgun and a 22 rifle---you will have to ask him for details.

His early experience playing ball was with a broken broom handle for a bat and a small soft ball.  Cow pies were used for bases.  He played tuba and sousaphone in the school band and string base in the dance band and orchestra.  There was no time for school sports since he had to go straight home and do the farm chores.

After attending a one room school house and graduating from High School, he entered the US Air Force.  He had no intention of making it a career but the Cuban Crises extended his enlistment so he stayed for 30 years.  Following that he was a civil servant for another 18 years.

He joined the softball club in 2006 and started managing for 8 years.  He has been a National League committee member and a vice president of the SCW Club.  He is also the chairman of the committee responsible for all the team sponsors, billboards, banners and web site sponsors.  He is also on the IT and uniform committees.

He has been married to Karen since 1977.  They have 4 children between them and 26 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren.

He recommends softball to everyone for fun, exercise and recreation.

Jack Harrison - was born in 1929 in Portland, Oregon.  He graduated in 1947 as President of his class.  After working for a short time in a factory, he realized it would be better to get a college degree in Mechanical Engineering.  He did this in 1951 from Oregon State College.  He then worked for Boeing for 30 years but never worked on a commercial airplane.  He worked in management on the high technology of space and missiles.  He has been married to Gladys for 63 years and had 3 sons.  One of the surviving sons is a pediatric intensivist MD and the other is a Dentist.

They have lived in the Sun Cities since 1989 and he has played softball for 24 years.  He has been a manager, member of the Board of Directors and a spokesman for the 70’s League.  Gladys probably has more bleacher time than any other spectator.

Ernie Miller - was raised on a farm in Middlebury, Indiana.  His childhood was a little different than most of us because he was raised Amish.  However, like most of us, he was taught values that were plain and simple----work hard, treat people with respect and above all be honest to yourself and to others.  His first occupation away from farming was at Starcraft Boat Company.  The military draft was in effect, and because of his background and beliefs at that point in time, and in lieu of military service, he spent a mandatory two years serving his time in the emergency room and as an orderly in the x-ray division in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

His interest in softball started at age 14 as a fast pitch pitcher and continued for the next 30 years, pitching in Indiana and in Colorado.  In 1971 after venturing with some friends to Colorado, he decided to stay there and work in the construction industry.  He worked his way up to Superintendant on a variety of commercial projects including hospitals, schools, libraries and banks.  In 1973 he met his wife Maryann and in 1976 they were married in Boulder, Colorado.  It was in Boulder that he continued pitching in the fast pitch league.  Softball, whether fast or slow pitch, was the love of his life.  In 1988 they moved to Sun City West.  Not wanting to retire and wanting a new direction in the workforce, he started mowing the fairways at Briarwood Golf Course.  To become superintendent on a golf course you need a Qualifying Party License so he went to school and obtained one.  He spent the next 6 years as a superintendent at Palmbrook Country Club in Sun City and then moved on to supervise Trail Ridge Golf Course in SCW.  A quadruple bypass in 2001 prompted him to retire and devote his time to playing softball and golf.  He still finds time to bowl and play golf maintaining a 13 handicap.  This inductee has been a manager and has spent countless hours making sure the SCW field stays in perfect shape.  He even has a booth named after him called Miller Time.

Greg Owens - was born in Iowa and moved to Sturgis, SD at age two.  He attended grade school and high school there.  He also played baseball from little league to legion ball.  He graduated from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology with a BS degree and went to work at Texas Instruments in Dallas, TX and there he played softball in an industrial league.  After receiving his MBA in Dallas, he left to return to Sturgis where he ran a successful corporation with his wife Jo.  In his spare time he helped Jo raise two children, coached baseball, girls softball, soccer and basketball as well as serving a Jaycee president, Rotary president, Board of Directors of the Sturgis Chamber of Commerce, School Board, Community Center governing board and Lawrence County Planning and Zoning Board.  He is proudest of the Soccer and girls softball complexes he built in Sturgis.

Even after the arrival of Parkinson’s symptoms in 1993, he continued to be active running the corporation, playing softball, basketball, racquetball, biking and running.  In 2002 in order to combat the progressing disease, they moved to Sun City.  Here he started playing softball.  He managed for 6 years, served on both the Sun City Board and the combined League Board, rewrote the league rules and regulations and worked with Bill Buxton to keep the tractor running and the fields playable.  He submitted the plan for redoing the SC field in 2006.  He spent 11 years in the American League and one in the National League.  The progression of the disease has prompted his taking a leave until he can get the problem under control. 

He says that the great thing about this league is the players.  He has never met a softball player that he did not enjoy being around.  It is a great program.

Bob Renberg - was born in Northern Minnesota in 1938 and was one of 9children whose father was a Pastor.  While in high school he lettered in Tennis and placed 5th in the National Ski-Jumping Championship.  He graduated from Seattle Pacific College with a BS and tied the college’s home run record for one year.  He became a teacher and counselor in Jr. and Sr. High schools in the Seattle Public school System.  He coached wrestling, track and basketball and was a member of the Pacific Northwest Referees Association.  He coached Pee Wee, Little League, Pony, Babe Ruth and High Schools Baseball.  He was a commercial fisherman in Alaska, real estate developer, apartment owner, President of the local Rotary Club and for 9 years was the MC for the Bavarian Town of Leavenworth’s Festivals.

He married the love of his life, Ruth, in 1960.  He has one son a Dr of Divinity, a fourth generation pastor, one daughter, seven grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

While an Educator in Seattle they opened their home to 8 high school drop outs and homeless teenagers for 9 years.  Because of his positive experience with these youngsters, he left education, sold everything, stepped out in faith and virtually no funds and founded the Alpine Boys Ranch in the Cascade Mountains of Washington.  Under his care, over 1,000 young men were helped in redirecting their confused lives.

In 1996 he and Ruth were named Alumni of the Year Award at Seattle Pacific University.

He retired in 2001 because of health and started playing Sr. Softball in 2002.  He helped start the Cardiac Kits Tournament, played with the Sidewinders, AZ Sr. Olympics and World Sr. Games in St. George, Utah.

During the last few years he has made many hospital visits, sent out get well and sympathy cards, conducted or helped a significant part in 10 funerals, and given numerous invocations and benedictions at softball banquets and tournaments. 

He has been Chaplain of the Angels in the Outfield and is serving God in any capacity that He calls him to do.  This inductee has done more for the softball players to cope with and prepare for the next phase of our future than anyone else.

Jan Strock - was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1939 and graduated from Cody High School in 1957.  He served three years in the US Army with two of them in Germany.  He has been married to Fran for 47 years and has a son and daughter and 5 grandchildren.  He earned a BS from Wayne State and a MA from the University of Detroit.  He served in the Southfield, Michigan Police Dept for 27 years and attained the rank of Detective/Lieutenant and was in charge of the Detective Bureau, Intelligence/Organized Crime Unit and the Tactical Street Crime Unit.

They retired to Sun City West in 1994 and began one of the most enjoyable parts of his life as a member of the Sun Cities Softball League.  He played in the American League for 19 years and was a ball field maintenance worker, an American League News/Game reporter for 6 years, team manager for 3 years and a SCW Board of Director for 2 years as secretary.  He played for the Sidewinders, has been a member of the Tin Cup  Golf Tournament fund raising committee for 5 years and initiated the Battle of the States Softball Tournament fund raising program for the Sun City West Posse. 

He would never have imagined having the life they now have or meeting some of the most wonderful people that he has ever met in his life.  He and Fran feel they are blessed and are so thankful for the life God has given them.   Please welcome our next inductee, Jan Strock.


~ Hugh Kelley

Hugh was born in 1938 in Dresden, TN.  Upon graduating High School there he attended Central Airline School in Kansas City, Mo. where he obtained employment with TWA at Midway Airport in Chicago later transferring to O’Hare Field when the jets came into service in 1959.

In 1961, he was drafted into the army and completed basic training at Ft. Chaffee, Arkansas. Because of his airline training he was sent to Cape Canaveral with a special army unit assigned to assist the Mercury Space Program.  He was actually on the Gantry Crane the morning John Glen made his first orbital flight.  He remained there through the Scott Carpenter and Wally Schirra flights as well. He finished his tour of duty in Inchon, South Korea.

In 1963, he returned to TWA at O’Hare and worked in various positions in passenger service including several years as a PR, handling VIP’s and celebrities.  If you were a movie star, sports celebrity or VIP in the late ‘60’s and flew TWA through Chicago you probably met Hugh Kelley.

In 1966, he married his wife of 49 years, Sally, who worked for Air Canada, they have two children, five grandchildren and three great grandchildren.  

He and Sally spent the last 25 years of their working life in the real estate business in the northwest suburban Chicago area and retired to Sun City West in 1997.

  • Hugh has played, managed and been a league member for the last 18 years.
  • Managed 2 seasons in the National League and 7 in the American League.
  • Served on Sun City West Board one term 2001-02
  • Served 3 years as Uniform and Equipment Manager
  • MC’D and announced two Pancake Breakfasts at Beardsley Park.
  • Served on the Tin Cup Committee several years and MC’D the event three times in ’09, ’11 and ’12.
  • Helped Ray Early and Ken Skinner start the announcer program.
  • Has been Field Announcer for many special events including Cardiac Kids, Women’s League, State’s Tournaments, Palm Desert Events and the Field Rededication Ceremony when the new Astroturf was installed.
  • Currently Field Announcer for American League and Special Events.

Hugh has always been an avid baseball fan and truly loves the game.  Did most of the typical stuff boys do played Little League, American Legion, Battalion Softball in the Army and fast pitch softball in the Chicago suburbs in the 1960’s.  Coached Little League and started and coached an adult Women Softball Team in the NW suburbs of Chicago called the Killer Flamingos and they are still in existence today.

~ Julie McGlynn

  Born and raised in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. My dad decided to get a Master’s degree at age 42, and was accepted at the U of Hawaii so we piled in the Plymouth station wagon, drove to the West Coast, hopped on a plane and moved to Honolulu. I attended the University Lab School, a semi-private school pre-K thru 12.  There were departmental supervisors but every semester saw a new crop of student teachers from UH.  After graduation, my assumption was that I would go to UH, but somehow found myself back in Sioux Falls at Augustana College, shivering in the cold and wading through snow drifts. When I left in May, I vowed never to return.  Moved to the Washington DC area and settled down to follow the usual track; got a job, got married, had a son and a daughter.

Moved to Southern Maryland and got involved in the local sports programs, Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts. Served as the County-wide Chairman for the Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital for nine years, cookie chair (and official taster) and was co-director for the annual Girl Scout summer camp for eight years, providing day camp for Brownie Scouts and overnight camping for Cadets and Senior Scouts. Helped organize, and chaired, a county-wide girls’ slow-pitch softball league.

Have played softball on women’s and co-ed teams for 45 years.  Assisted in the organization of the Christian Coed League in 1999, developed the league rules and chaired the program until 2013.         

   My parents moved to Sun City in 1985, and on one visit I discovered this little park behind the Sun Bowl with a ball field that looked like a little preview of Heaven.  My first inclination was to run to the outfield and make grass angels.  When we retired we became snowbirds and softball players.  

Joined Sun City club/league Spring ’02  

~ Assisted in start-up of the women’s softball program (ca. 2000) and set up a women’s Green Team program in Sun City (ca. 2003) 

~ Managed 20 sessions: Sun Country team (Spring ’03 thru Spring ‘10. - 16 sessions) Solar City team   Fall 2013 – Spring 2015 (4) 

~ Sun City Softball Club financial auditor since 2004

 ~ Organized a 5tth team to expand the Coed League (about 2004)  

~ Designed the Sun City Softball Club logo; 2005

~ Served 4 terms on SCSSC board

~ Formulated a club Code of Conduct 

~ Wrote Safety & Discipline changes for the Rules and Regulations Document

~ Researched a Medical ID tag for cleats to provide immediate information to emergency personnel. 

~ Sun Cities Softball League Board of Directors 2007 & 2008  Served as League VP. 

~ Revised the SCSSL Operations Document

Planning/Publicity Committee chair since 2006   Provide Visitors Center and RCSC with club flyers and info for online calendars, submit monthly RCSC Sun Views articles, coordinated a player presence at the Bell Recreation Grand Reopening- Spring ’06.

~ Organized club presentations at the New Member Orientations at Sundial Rec. Ctr. ’06 – ‘15

~ Organized a “Souper Bowl” in conjunction with football’s Super Bowl, Spring ’08, with soup collections donated to St. Mary’s Food Bank.  Working with Carol Bowden, the St Mary’s Food Drive expanded to both fields. (Fall 2008)  The Valley View Food Pantry in Sun City was included to receive donations.  (Fall 2013)

~ Implemented Club social media page on RCSC website – 2013.

~ Revised the club R&Rs in 2013 after RCSC changed their Board Policy: Article 12.                    

Revised the club R&Rs in 2014 to accommodate three-League restructuring. 

~ Served on women’s Softball Board the past 5 yrs. Played on women’s teams. 

~ Revised/updated coed guidelines several times

Ed Sullivan

 “Mr. Toast of the Town” was in high demand to entertain and act as emcee at numerous league annual banquets. Ed loved doing the banquets, as he got great joy from the audiences’ belly laughs! His memory for quick one-liners was exceptional and his timing impeccable. The microphone was his friend!

Ed was a resident of Sun City West. He played in the American League and with the Sidewinders, but was a softball ambassador for the Sun Cities softball family. 

He promoted our entire softball community whenever possible. Ed was held in high regard by everyone. As he became the elder statesman, his ability, as a 3rd baseman (even at age 78), was outstanding. He owned it!

Ed wore his uniform with pride! He always encouraged new players, even if there was little hope.

Everyone loved Ed because of his personality and attitude. In the dugout or on the field, he was a “Mr. Softball” type. 

     “In life as in softball, it is the number of times you reach home safely that counts.”

Ed reached home safely for the last time at 82 after suffering a massive stroke.

We honor his memory of commitment and dedication to Sun Cities Senior Softball.

Editor's Note: Accepting the award for Ed Sullivan's was his brother, Gordon (Gordy) Sullivan of Sun City West.


Bob Luebben, was born on January 23, 1932, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and called that home for many years.  He is a high school graduate, and went on to attend surveying and civil engineering courses at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin. 

Bob enlisted and served in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  He has also worked as a part time ballroom dance instructor at the Arthur Murray School of Dance and at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio.  He is a licensed certified soil tester, registered professional land surveyor (state of Wisconsin, 1959 to present), and was a civil engineer and surveyor for the city of Milwaukee, 1952 to 1992.

     Bob has been married to his wife Dorothy for 61 years.  They have five children, three girls and two boys, running in ages from 48 to 60 years old. Lynn, the oldest, is a college graduate with a Bachelor and Master’s degree in education and counseling. Glenn works in telecommunications, Nancy is self-employed, John works as an air traffic controller, and Karen is an accountant.  Bob and Dorothy have twelve grandchildren and eleven great grandchildren.  Bob is very proud of his family and his twenty-eight offspring.

     At a very young age, Bob liked to compete in sports.  Basketball, swim meets, ice skating races, bowling, baseball, and softball were a few of his favorites.  But as the years rolled on he, he focused on golf, bowling, fast pitch softball, and finally on slow pitch senior softball. His participation and accomplishments in sporting activities include the following: Baseball honors include Stars of Yesterday (a precursor to Little League in the Milwaukee area) and playing for the U.S. Army as a center fielder.  His team was scheduled to go to Japan to compete, but the Korean War broke out at that time and that cancelled that fun trip. Bob played fast pitch softball for 28 years for the Lutheran Churches Athletic club, a sixteen team league. He played catcher and all infield positions other than short stop.  He pitched for sixteen years, was the team manager for several years, and was League Director/President for ten of those years.  He played slow pitch softball in the city of Milwaukee league for twenty-nine years and held the positions of first baseman and pitcher. Bob joined the city of Milwaukee golf league in 1953 and was a participating member on the Field Engineers team for fifty-eight years (presently the longest continuous league member ever in the history of the league, which goes back to 1931).  Bob has bowled in many leagues for about forty-five years, including the Sun City Bell Men’s Rec. for twenty years.  His lifetime average is in the mid 180’s, but his highest average held is a 192.  Bob has played senior softball for the past twenty-four years in both Wisconsin and Arizona (Sun Cities Senior Softball League).  He has held the positions of pitcher, pitcher, and pitcher, with a very occasional stint at first, second, or third base. He has played with the Sidewinders 60’s and received a ring for pitching with the Sidewinders in the 75’s World Championship in 2009.

   Bob’s sports contributions are numerous: Fast pitch league Director/President, Milwaukee Senior Division Little League Baseball Coach and served as Vice President, managed several softball teams, and managed the Sidewinders 60’s non-traveling team for several years.  He has served on the Sun City Board and was the Sun City representative to the Sun Cities League Board.  Other acts of service include acting as secretary for the Sun City and Sun Cities League Boards, Sun City American League representative, served on the Rules Committee, served and chaired the Hall of Fame Committee, managed teams in the American League, and evaluated and prepared a design plan for the Sun Bowl field.

     Bob is honored to have been inducted into the City of Milwaukee Golf League Hall of Fame, the Sun City Bowling League Hall of Fame, and now the Sun Cities Senior Softball Hall of Fame, but he really thinks that this award should go to his wife for sitting and watching his game playing for sixty-one long years, as he says.

Bruce Brady, was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois.  He graduated from high school in June of 1994, and joined the Air Force in July of that same year.  Bruce served in Viet Nam, Thailand, and the Philippines.  He was discharged in May of 1968 and then joined the Chicago Police Department in December. In February of 1969, Bruce married Marlene. They have three children, David, Elizabeth, and Elaine.  They also have eight grandchildren. 

Bruce’s mom moved to Arizona in the year 2000.  To help her make the move, he retired from his position with the police department after 31 years, 5 months, and 14 days.  Since he was only 54 years old at the time, he told Marlene that they too would move to Arizona after three years, but just two years later they found themselves moving to Arizona. They liked the Sun City West area the best of all of the senior communities, so that is where they bought their home.

Bruce joined the softball club in 2003.  He started out playing in the National League, but then went on to play in the American League, where he is still playing.  He has played in the Friday league, the Saturday league with Sun City Grand, played in the Festival, and he has played with the Sidewinders. 

Bruce served on the Sun City West board of directors in 2006 and 2007, as well as serving on the Sun Cities League board in 2006.  Bruce has been a team manager for two years, has chaired the pancake breakfast, and has worked the Tin Cup for 6 years helping with the silent auction.  Bruce also purchased the club’s first grill and became the very first cook. He worked on the field maintenance crew together with his good friend George Karras. They worked on many projects together and had a great time, even when playing golf.  When Ray Early took over the field, Bruce continued to help out on many projects, including changing the billboards.  The guys worked hard trying to straighten them, removing them all and then putting them back. 

Bruce said that the greatest thing the club has done for him is helping him make new friends and having fun. “It has always been about having fun, fun, and more fun meeting new people and living our lives to the fullest.”

Jim Keinath, After growing up on farm in Michigan,  Jim started working for General Motors 2 years after high school and retired 31 years later.  During his working years he served 4 years in the Air Force and graduated from Michigan State and Northwood Universities. 

Jim and his wife, Gwen, wintered in California and Florida before deciding to spend their winters in Sun City.

After retirement he also worked  2 ½ years for Furakawa Electric in Mexicali, Mexico from 2003 to 2005. 

Jim first played softball here in 2002 and has played every year from 2005 to the present. 

Softball involvements:

President of the Sun Cities Softball Association in 2010.

Sun City Softball Club treasurer in 2010, president from 2012 – 2015

Started the fall veteran’s tournament in 2011 at the suggestion of Will Monks

American league announcer from 2013 -2016

Managed teams 1 session a year in 2011 – 2013 and 2015

In 2013 started Sun City yard clean up in for Sun City residents in need, with the help of many softball volunteers and the HOA

Jerry Bianchi, grew up and attended school in the great Northwest, in the Seattle area. While attending high school he enjoyed playing all sports.  The only sport he cannot remember playing is soccer. After high school, Jerry went to work in a cement plant stacking eighty and a hundred pound bags of cement on pallets.  Realizing that this was not the job he wanted to do for the rest of his life, he changed professions.  He then went to work at an aluminum plant fabricating windows, screen doors, and other things.  Once again Jerry decided to change jobs and started working on a tugboat.  Finally, at the age of 23, he decided to follow in his dad’s and uncle’s footsteps and become a firefighter. 

    Jerry remained a firefighter in the Seattle Fire Department for thirty years.  He was also a member in the coast Guard reserves.  During this time, he continued to play all sports. Fast pitch softball, flag football, basketball, and pickle ball to name a few.  He played these sports into his fifties.

    After 30 years of being a firefighter, Jerry decided to retire, both from the fire department and from the Coast Guard reserves. He then moved his family to Kent, Washington, enjoying a few acres with apples and pear trees.  A good friend (Kent Lindberg) of his suggested that they jump in their RVs and take a trip south. After two months of traveling they ended up in the Phoenix area. While Kent and Patti were going to head towards California, Gigi and Jerry were heading north toward Las Vegas.  As they traveled north on Grand Avenue, they came to Sun City where they decided to stop and have lunch.  They enjoyed the area and stayed for several days.  They visited the Visitor’s Center and some open houses and decided they could live in this area.  First as snowbirds spending the winter in a local RV park and returning north when the weather got warm. 

     After a few years, the decision was made to buy a home in the area. They met with a realtor (Dave Trober) who introduced them to Sun City West.  He was also a softball player.  Jerry’s first thought was that he would be spending a lot of time golfing, but after seeing the softball field he once again decided that he would like to play softball.

     Jerry and Gigi have one son, Tony, who also served as a Seattle firefighter and whom is now a softball player as well.  Jerry says that he and Gigi feel blessed and enjoy their life in Sun City West with their two dogs, family, and friends.

Bob Dobbins, The day after moving to Sun City West, Bob went to batting practice at Liberty Field; after all, softball was the main reason why they moved here. Where else can you play softball all year long?  He never hesitated when it came to volunteering in the club.  In the eight years that he was with us, he served as the American League Committee Chair, served on the Sun City West Club Board as President, managed in the American League, and served on the committee for the artificial turf as well as the Tin Cup committee.  Let’s not forget that Bob coached one of the women’s teams.  This was probably one of the toughest tasks he had because his wife was on the tram.  He really enjoyed what he did for the league and he always did what he thought was in the best interest of the players

Nancy Dobbins, Then of course there was his wife who had never played softball before moving to Sun City West.  Once here, and after many frustrating hours of teacher how to play, Nancy was ready to take the field. She had the privilege of playing in the National league, the women’s league, and the coed league before moving to the American league.  She also managed the Saturday summer team that played against Festival.  Nancy served as the special events coordinator for two years.  She is hoping to get back on the field in the months to come.

       When Bob and Nancy decided to join this softball club they had no idea that they were in fact joining a family


John Dewey, was born in Morris, Illinois, and spent the first eight years of his life on the family farm, before they packed up and moved to Monee, Illinois.  John was a very active and helpful young man. He helped his father build three homes and learned the art of home building and construction. While in the seventh and eighth grades, he played on the school basketball teams. He attended Crete Monee High School and later moved on to Olivet Nazarene College for two years.  It is here that he met Pauline, his dear wife of 52 years. The Deweys were married in 1964. Soon, they were off to Southern Illinois University, where John pursued an accounting degree.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1966.  But the adventures were just beginning. 
Following John’s graduation, The Deweys moved to Boulder, Colorado and saw the arrival of their daughter Donna in December of that same year. A few years later, in May of 1976, they welcomed their son David into the world.

John has worked as an accountant, in addition to spending time in drafting, truck driving, and as a finish carpenter.  He has built two homes from the foundation to the finishing touches.  John sold one of the homes, but still spends his summers living in the other one. 

John came to Arizona looking for investment properties. He bought three houses, two in Youngtown and one in Sun City.  Golf was a big part of his life. He would volunteer as a Marshall for various golf courses in order to play golf for free.  At one time he bought $12,000.00 worth of golf equipment from the founder of Alien Golf Clubs and made and sold golf clubs, as well as selling golf balls, bags, head covers, and other golf related items. 

John says that he played a lot of golf until the day he went to Sun Bowl Field to watch a softball game and was approached by Julie McGlynn, who asked him if he would like to play.  He was very much interested, and was soon signed-up, on a team, and the rest is history, as they say.

At one time, John managed a National League team, a Co-Ed team, and a 70’s team all in the same session.  In addition to serving as manager, he has also served on the Sun City Board of Directors, but it his work behind the scenes that makes this man so special.  Organizing the concessions, striping and dragging the field in preparation of league games, maintenance and repairs of the equipment and facilities, and taking charge of the aluminum can recycling program are just some of  the added responsibilities that  John has taken on over the years.

Besides softball, John and Pauline enjoy playing horseshoes and are the Boulder City Horseshoe Champions for two years in a row.  John is very proud of the fact that he has been a City Champion for six out of the last seven years with different teams.

Joe Emmons, Joe was born in La Porte, Indian in 1943.  He was raised in Mishawaka, Indiana, a sister city of South Bend:  home to Notre Dame University, Studebaker automobiles, Singer sewing machines, Bendix brakes, and many other small manufacturing businesses for the automotive manufacturers..

   Joe met his wife Martha (Eminger) in the 7th grade and graduated together in 1961 from Mishawaka High School.  MHS was built in 1924 and cost $800, 000. With additions and modernizations, it still serves the community of about 50,000 people.  MHS claims to have the largest active alumni in the country, including a chapter that meets in Phoenix.

   Joe married Martha in 1962.  They have lived in Goshen, IN, Knoxville, TN, Des Plaines, IL, Portland, OR, and both Spokane and Edmonds, WA.  Joe & Martha have 3 sons:  Matthew, Marshall, and Benjamin all residing in the Seattle area. They also have 4 grandchildren.

   Joe graduated  high school on a Wednesday and began a working career on the next Monday with a national company that offered  co-op educational opportunities. While employed, Joe attended Indiana U @ South Bend, University of Tennessee @ Knoxville, and Illinois Institute of Technology @ Chicago, Ill.

   Joe’s education as a mechanical engineer and work experience resulted in his attaining a professional engineer’s license from the State of California as a “control system engineer” in 1978. Work emphasis then shifted from design to project management related to mechanical construction of commercial, industrial, institutional, and healthcare facilities located in Seattle and Spokane, Washington. Soon after, Joe’s work emphasis again shifted to the design, construction, and validation of  “clean rooms” used for pharmaceutical, and medical devices regulated by the FDA. These projects required extensive (week to week) travel to Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Dallas-Fort Worth, San Francisco, and San Diego.

   Joe’s first extended exposure to Arizona was in Tucson for an artificial heart manufacturing facility. With all the travel miles, it also became a habit to take in spring training with the Seattle Mariners, and attending Huskie football games against UA and ASU.  Peoria also provided the initial exposure to the Sun Cities, leading to the purchase of a retirement home in Sun City in 2005, and then becoming a full time residence in 2008.

   The softball club seemed to be a natural fit for maintaining exercise, and providing a team environment that echoed work patterns formed over the years.  Joe played 3 sessions as a player before becoming a manager, and has continued to manage since then. After managing two sessions he became a member of the National League Committee.  Joe also served on the joint committee that served to create the present three league alignment. Joe served as the last “old” National League Committee chairman and as the first “new” National League Committee chairman.  Joe has served as a Sun City Softball Club board member through 3 administrations.

Wayne Conn, was born in Huntington, West Virginia but lived most of his young life in Ashland, Kentucky.  Immediately after graduating high school, Wayne wanted to serve his country.  He enlisted and served twenty years in the United States Navy as a jet mechanic and never wavered in his love and respect for the military. He was a loyal and patriotic man.

Wayne met his beloved wife, Dawn, in California, and they were married soon after. They moved to Sun City in 2004, and Wayne quickly became involved in his second love, "softball". While attending a Christmas party in 2003, the Conns heard about the softball program and Wayne was hooked.  Having played for the Navy at Norfolk, he couldn’t wait to get back into the game.  He rapidly became an integral part of the softball community, first as a player, then as a manager, and proudly served as a board member.

Wayne played for eleven years in the American League.  He also managed for ten of those years while enjoying the weekly games and tournaments.   Wayne was Sun City's American League club president, and he served on the American League Board for three years.  Wayne kept detailed batting statistics for many years, and these were proven to be highly beneficial as they were used by other managers during the draft.  He was a central figure in establishing the current player- rating system.

Each year at the Veteran’s Day game, the love that Wayne felt for his country and the military is remembered and it is thanks to him that we have this annual game.  He organized and started this event that gives us the chance to honor and celebrate those that have served our great nation.

Sadly, Wayne died in 2015. He is sincerely missed by the many ball players that knew him and played for him, with him, and against him over the years and by friends who will remember him as a compassionate and caring man.

Barbara Waddell, This inductee was raised on a farm in central Illinois. Being the youngest of seven children, Barb always had someone to play with. Her older sister Helen would stuff old grain sacks and Barb would use these sacks as bases and build her own baseball diamond to play ball.

Barb graduated from Forman High School in 1958 and moved on to Illinois State University, where she earned both a Bachelor and Master degree in education.  While attending university, Barb was also a four-sport star and a nationally recognized field hockey player.

Following her graduation, Waddell moved to Pekin, Illinois and began her teaching career.  During her employment at Pekin High she taught, coached, and was a Department Chairman. She was one of Illinois's pioneers for the passage of Title IX, which was to bring equality for females to participate in sports which included funding and usage of facilities on an equal level with males. With the passage of TITLE IX and the addition of softball being added to the State sponsored tournaments, she was named Director of the IHSA (ILLINOIS HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION'S) 1st State Softball Tournament in 1975-1976. She continued as Director of the State Softball Tournament for 25 years.  After 37 years in education she retired from Pekin Community High School, Pekin, Illinois and moved to SUN City West. In 2016 she was inducted into Greater Peoria, Illinois Sports Hall of Fame.

Some of these inductee’s favorite memories are of plying softball.  Barb played ASA Fast-pitch softball traveling from Portland, Oregon to Stratford, Connecticut with games in between, including Phoenix.  In 1962 the team played the Japanese National Softball team 2 games, with each game drawing over 10,000 fans. SENATOR EVERETT DIRKSEN was brought in on a rickshaw at the opening ceremonies, since the games were taking place in his home town of Pekin, Illinois.

As a member of our club she has been very busy. Barb has served as SCW Softball Board Secretary for 2 years, acted as Chairman of the Coed softball League for 5 years, and most recently was a member of the National League Committee for 1 year.  She also assisted Managers Frank  Comount and Judy White with the Hot Flashes women's team 1 year before becoming a player on the team, helped to organize announcers and announced for the original NL (which included the now Central League) for 2 years and assisted Ozzie Ostrow with the States games when he was Director for 2 years.  


Arnie was born is Seattle, Washington.  He was raised there along with his 2 older sisters by his parents who immigrated from Norway in 1950.  He started playing baseball at age 8 and has continued his whole life.  In 1972 his Senior Babe Ruth team won the National Championship in Monroe, NC.  Arnie was MVP and made Sports Illustrated  “Faces in the Crowd”.  He played Community College baseball where his team won the Northwest Championship and was later inducted to the NWACC Hall of Fame.  He then received a full scholarship at the University of Washington  and graduated with a degree in Economics and a offer from the NY Yankees.  The offer was for $1,000 and a one way bus ticket to Hollywood, Florida, which he declined.  Arnie worked for The Boeing Company  29 years and was in management his last 23 years.  He also competed in the REMAX World Long Drive Senior Division at Mesquite NV twice and one time finished 9th.

 He raised 2 wonderful children Kris and Katy and retired at 55.  Arnie and his wife Loretta searched for several years prior to retiring and fell in love with Sun City.  Two days after his last day of work in 2008 Arnie drove 20 straight hours arriving in Sun City on a Sunday.  On Monday morning he was at the softball field.  The next day he was playing on  Wayne Conn’s team with Jerry Bianchi, Ev Kaufman, and Tait Douglas all members of the Sun Cities Hall of Fame.   Arnie was on the Sun City Softball Club board for 5 years and president for 2 years.  He oversaw the re-construction and leveling of the Sun City ball field with a taller fence, larger dugouts with drinking fountains, individual seats in the stands, concrete picnic tables and the shed along the first baseline. The last 2 years he helped start the Welcome Back Gathering and the Clubs and Cleats Golf Tournament.  The Tournament raised enough money to fund a new larger scoreboard.  He  also umpires, announces, managed in the summer leagues and brings donuts every Friday.  He has played with the Sidewinders the last 8 years.

 He never imagined that retirement life and softball would be so much fun!!

I moved to Glendale, Arizona when I was 9 years old from Strathroy, Ontario, Canada. Graduated from Glendale High School and started College after High School but Uncle Sam needed me so I went into the Army and became a member of the 101st Airborne Infantry Division. I spent 1 year touring the jungles in Vietnam. Nice place to visit but wouldn’t want to live there. Started working for Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Company. Met and Married the love of my life Barbara and had 2 great sons. Coached them both in Little League and got to play softball with them later in their adult years. Retired from the Phone Company after 36 years and moved from our home in Peoria to Sun City so I could play softball in 2008. Lived in Sun City 5 years and moved to our present house in SCW.
Served on the Sun City board for 3 years
Served on AL committee 6 years and now Chairman
Tin Cup Committee for 5 years and now chairman 2 years
Managed in American League off and on for 6 years
HOF Committee 1 year
Sidewinder Board 6 years

Bob grew up in Superior, a city in northern Wisconsin at the western tip of Lake Superior.

He received a BS with a major in mathematics from the University of WI- Superior, a Masters in Business Administration from The University of WI - Milwaukee, and a Certificate in Education Administration from the University of WI- Whitewater. He was an educator for 36 years that included high school teaching and coaching and more than 25 years in administration. He retired in 2004. Bob and wife Donette moved to SCW in 2006.

He met Loren Swanson in the fall of 2006 who convinced him to try playing softball. He began playing in the league in the fall of 2007. 

During his participation in the SCW Softball Club and SC Softball League he has been involved in many club and league activities.  He managed teams in the fall and winter sessions for many years. He managed the Wisconsin state team for the first three years of the States' Tournament. He served on the Board of Directors and was elected President of the SCW Softball Club in 2010. He was chairman of the committee that was responsible for the installation of the artificial turf at Liberty Field. He served on the American League Committee from 2012 through 2017 and was chairman of the AL Committee for the past 2 1/2 years. He worked on the committee that converted the softball leagues from two leagues to the current three leagues. He participated on two Hall of Fame selection committees. He has worked on the Tin Cup committee for several years. He also has been a participant with the Sidewinder tournament team organization for the past ten years as a member of the 60's, 65's, and now the 70's age bracket teams. For a time, he was a manger of the 65's Sidewinders.

Being selected as a member of the Sun Cities Softball Hall of Fame is a great honor and greatly appreciated.


Ben Zeppa

JIm Wille

Ben was born in 1942, the first of seven children, in Liberal, Seward County, Kansas near the Oklahoma border. A short time later his family moved out to a light industrial section of Richmond, California. His Mother always dreamed of being a popular singer, but family commitments made that dream seem an impossibility. His Mother spent all the time she could encouraging and developing Ben’s talent by teaching him to sing.

In 1956 his personal manager took him to Hollywood to seek promotional opportunities. Ben appeared on the Groucho Marks show, “You Bet Your Life” and on the Tennessee Ernie Ford show that aired on NBC. That same year he followed these shows with an appearance on the Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club.

Just before graduating from high school in 1959 Ben joined the Marine Corps before reaching his 17th birthday. He told his Mother and Father that he was joining the Marines and “no one was going to tell him what to do”. Ha, Ha. Ben served in the Corps from 1959 to 1963. When he was released from the Corps he started singing and preforming with various bands throughout the United States.

In 1977 Ben got a job with Chevron at the Richmond California Refinery and worked there from 1977 to 1999 when he retired.

In 2006 Ben moved to from California to Arizona and discovered the Sun Cities Softball League. In the twelve years he has been a member, he has: managed teams for 7 years; been a SC Board member, served on the HOF Committee (twice) and the National League Committee (twice) and worked as a  Green Team evaluator for a number of years.

I was born and raised in Mounds View, Minnesota.

After retiring in 2000, at age 45, we bought a house in SCW in 2006.

I started playing softball that fall, after meeting Loran Swanson at Liberty Field. He

talked me into signing up, and so it began.

During this time, I have been involved in League play (13 years), the Sidewinders 55+ (2 years), Tier 2 Festival League (4 years), States games (6 years), Half Pints (6 years) and other Tournament Play at Festival and Az Traditions.

I have also served on the Sun City West Softball Board (2 year term) and the Hall of Fame Nominating Committee (1 term).

My managing experiences include:

-American League Manager (4 sessions)

-several Spring Fling teams and One Pitch teams

-Half Pint Teams (2 years) and now set up Half Pint games and manage the team -States Tournament Coordinator (1 year)

On we go to volunteering opportunities:

-Cooking with Tex Wells at Liberty Field events (3 years)

-Cooking with Roger Pribnow at Liberty Field events(2 years)

-Beverage and Ice for Liberty Field events (7 years), as well as maintaining stock & equipment for these products.

-Tin Cup (8 years or so)

Putting Contest (4 years, with 2 years running it)

Registration (2 years)

Hole-in-One Monitor (1 year)

Silent Auction (4 years, running event for the last 3 years)

Credit Card Device (3 years) Set up and maintain CC charge unit and processing -Facility Maintenance Assistance:

Spring clean-up Cement work Bleacher repair

Becoming a member of the Sun Cities Softball Hall of Fame is truly an honor that I will be proud of the rest of my life.

Dave Toepel

Dave was born and raised in the great state of Michigan. After graduating from high school in 1962, He enrolled at Northwestern College in Watertown, WI., where he played football, basketball, and baseball, graduating in 1966 from Northwestern with a BA in liberal arts.

That summer he married his high school sweetheart and together they traveled to the White Mountains of Arizona where they started their teaching careers at the East Fork Mission School near Whiteriver, AZ. Dave continued to teach and coach for the next 13 years. During that span he received his Masters degree in mathematics from the University of St. Louis.

In 1979, Dave made a career change and began working as a programmer in the computer industry. Five years later he made the big jump and started his own software development company back in Michigan. He was able to retire from this company in 2002 and begin the wonderful gig as a retiree.

Dave and Faye are blessed with four wonderful children and 12 grandchildren.

They started the snow bird program in 2002 and Dave was immediately reintroduced to softball. Sixteen years later, and now a full time resident, softball is still a great source of enjoyment.

During this span, Dave was an AL team manager for 7 years, served on the AL committee for 8 years where he developed the universal player rating system, worked extensively on the transformation from a two league system to three leagues, and initiated and organized the AL voluntary umpire program.

He served on the Tin Cup committee for 8 years, organized and ran the Spring Fling One Pitch Tournament for 8 years, served as secretary of the Sidewinders organization for 6 years, and has been part of the Liberty Field PA announcers for 7 years.