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Covid-19 Rules

Sun Cities Senior Softball COVID-19 Protocol

All players and support staff must adhere to (subject to change)
COVID-19 protocol and normal or adjusted league rules.  (November 11, 2020)


  1. Any person attending this event that has been tested due to possibly contracting COVID-19 and has not received testing results as negative can NOT attend this event.
  2. Masks are required.  You will be turned away without a mask.
  1. Spectators are allowed to enter the facility to watch a game and must sit in a designated location.  Please limit one spectator for each player.  
  2. Colored arm bands will designate support staff.
  3. Please refrain from spitting.
  4. No unnecessary contact.
  5. All participants must supply their own beverages or food for their consumption.
  6. All participants must supply their own masks, soaps and hand sanitizers.
  7. All participants must supply their own gloves, bats and batting gloves.

Preparation and Playing the Games:

  1. There will be 30 minutes designated between games for teams to begin entering the playing areas and warming up for their game.  It will also allow for preparation for the next game by Support Staff and Monitors
  2. Players should go directly to the designated warm-up areas located near the home and visitors dugouts to prepare for their upcoming game.
  3. Masks must be worn at all times except when the team is on the field for defense or at bat on deck or running the bases.
  4. Catchers, Home Plate Umpires and Base Coaches are to wear a mask and should maintain social distancing. Home Plate Umpires may remove their masks between innings but must practice social distancing.
  5. Umpires on the bases are not required to wear a mask if they practice social distancing at all times.  If they choose not to do this, they must wear a mask.  They may remove their mask between innings but must practice social distancing.
  6. Three (3) players will be allowed to be in the dugouts primarily to prepare to bat or check the lineup.  They must practice social distancing while in the dugouts.
  7. Players on offense that are not in the dugout must practice social distancing by sitting or standing in designated areas near their teams dugout and wear masks.
  8. Players on defense are not allowed to tag base runners.  They must touch the appropriate base before the base runner touches their appropriate base in order for the runner to be determined out.  Tagged runners will be ruled safe.  
  9. Normal rules at home plate will remain in force.
  10. Each league’s rules will be enforced that do not conflict with COVID-19.
  11. There will be no huddles during or after games.  
  12. After completion of the games, players, spectators and support staff not directly related to the next game must exit the facility.

Support Staff and Monitors:

  1. Equipment and supplies used for the games will be placed in the lower level of the press box located behind home plate.  Access to this room should be limited to Support Staff, Monitors, Umpires, Field Management, Team Managers, and Equipment Staff.
  2. The only individuals allowed in the upper level of the Box Office will be the Scoreboard Operator, Announcers, Field Management and Equipment Management.
  3. Scoreboard Operators will be responsible for wiping off the control box after the completion of their assigned game.  
  4. The equipment sheds along the third base line may be utilized for the storage of equipment used for games.  Access will be limited to this facility as well.
  5. Restrooms will be maintained by Rec. Center Maintenance and Housekeeping.
  6. Field Managers will be responsible for ensuring that their team dugouts are wiped off after their games.  Supplies will be located in the club house.
  7. Support Staff and Monitors will have designated areas for them to sit while they are not working during the games.  

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