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                                                                         REGISTER HERE FOR SUMMER # 2
                                                   We hope to register 63 Players per City, enough for 3 ACL Teams, 3 NCL Teams

                                                     June 5th to July 28, Reciprocal Play, 2 games a week, alternating cities

                                                    ACL to play Tuesdays at Sun City West, Fridays at Sun City

                                                    NCL to play Mondays at Sun City West, Thursdays at Sun City



    Wanna Play Softball? Start Here: Green Team Evaluation

    Are you a resident of Sun City or Sun City West AZ and want to play Senior Softball?
     Green Team is the place to start. Click here!

    For more information:



    Sun City Residents Contact:
    Rickie Toland, Green Team Coordinator
    Phone: (509) 264-3088

    Sun City West Residents Contact:
    Gary Scapito, Green Team Coordinator
    Phone: (623) 451-7837


    Proper warm-up exercises prepare the muscles, tendons and joints of your body to maximize your performance and help prevent injuries. All stretches should be held for 10 seconds and repeated 3 times. Move in and out of each stretch slowly, and do not bounce while stretching. If you feel pain during these exercises, you are stretching too far or too fast.  Performing this routine and additional 3-4 times per week will help you increase your flexibility and your ability to play better and healthier softball. Click the pdf link below to get your copy. Enjoy. Have a good game and get home safe. ~ Dennis Farrar.

    Bylaw Text and Locations


    To find the Bylaws and most other club Documents go here:

    Home Page, then More+, Organizations, Then Sun City West or Sun City! Waaalaah!

    Here are the links:
    SCW Info<<<<Click

    SC Info <<<< Click



    The Sun Cities Senior Softball League was formed to allow the Sun City Softball Club and Sun City West Softball Club to Co-mingle and enjoy the experience of senior softball within the two Del Webb communities. 
    Three Leagues play as part of the SCSSL; the American LeagueCentral League, and the National League.  Other organized play, also known as Leagues, play with the approval of the Softball Club that governs the field on which they play. 

    We also share inter-community sports with other senior communities.

    Sun Cities Senior Softball League Sponsors

     Interested in becoming a sponsor of Sun Cities Senior Softball League?

    Check out the Sponsor tab at the top of the page for a full display of our wonderful sponsors!

    Liberty Field, Sun City West, AZ

    Sun Bowl Field, Sun City, AZ

    Sponsored by Arvid & Kay Peterson Award Realty

    Arvid & Kay Peterson Award Realty

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    Rooter Man "To The Rescue"

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