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Liberty Field & Sun Bowl Field
*FIELDS STILL CLOSED 5/28/2020 until: Further Notice*
NO Activities Allowed! No Exceptions!


'Summer Sessions' - See Below! Register NOW!


UPDATE!    UPDATE!   June 2nd    UPDATE!    UPDATE!

Sun Cities Softball Clubs First Summer Session
Starting Week Of: June 15, 2020

1.)  The number of teams will depend on the amount of players who register.


The original Summer Registration has been voided!!

Those members that have already registered for the summer will have to do it again.
* We have some players that had previously registered but have decided not to play because of health concerns, or have left for the summer, etc


3.)  SCSSB rented 2 fields at Rio Vista Rec Center Complex at 8866 W Thunderbird Rd.

4.)  League play is: Tues/Thur @ 8am and 9am.

5.)  We will have to abide by the Safety Protocols. If for any reason you cannot or will not follow them......please don't sign up.

6.)  We may combine all 3 Leagues to form enough teams!

Covid-19 Social Distancing Rules

May 28, 2020
Softball Protocol for Sun Cities Softball Club Summer Sessions:
Our goal is to practice safety, social distancing and have fun at all times.  It is the responsibility of each player to supply their own hand sanitizer and water.  Each player has the option to wear a face mask and gloves when on offense or defense.
We will practice social distancing and have a minimal number of players in the dugout based on their turn at bat, keeping the score sheet or not yet playing defense.  The other players should stand along the first and third base fences that is closest to their dugout..    

Players should use their own bats, batting gloves and fielding gloves.  
When players are in their defensive positions, they are always more than six feet apart until a ball is hit.  We encourage the defensive players to remain as far apart as possible when fielding the ball.  When there are base runners, social distancing should not be an issue.  Obviously avoid collisions at all times.
There will be no tagging of base runners or sliding.  If a runner is tagged (by accident), the runner will be considered safe.  The defensive player will be reminded that there is no tagging and play resumes.  No arguments!
The catcher should remain at the back portion of the catcher’s box so that the catcher is not near the batter.  Normal league rules are in force for plays at the plate. A line will either be designated with lime, paint or simply a line run in the sand or dirt to show where the runner should go when running home.  The same will be done to designate a commitment line between third base and home plate.
Social distancing should be practiced as much as possible at each of the bases.  Depending on the ball field, we MAY have a separate defensive base that the defense will use for force plays or when a runner does not return to their base soon enough after a fly ball has been caught by the defense.  Remember, this is a fun league so don’t get too excited over close calls.
We will use one umpire during the games and the umpire does not need to be close to the batter or the catcher around home plate nor first second or third bases on the field.  The umpire can stand in any location they choose that is at least six feet from the players.
Early in the morning when the grass is wet, we normally have a towel at the pitchers mound for the pitcher to dry off the ball when it is wet.  We will have a towel at the pitchers mound to wipe the ball off at any time during the game.  All players should use their hand sanitizer to wipe their hands throughout the game.  Players are encouraged to not touch their face, mouth or other players from the time they arrive at the ball park until they leave the ball park.  
During the summer sessions, we do not have people announcing during the games.  We don’t keep statistics so we will not need paper scorekeepers.  Each team may use their own score sheet throughout their game but do not have to provide the opposing team with their score sheet.
After the completion of each game there will be no congregating near the pitchers rubber to congratulate the opposing team or perform a team ceremony of high fives, fist bumps or hand shakes.  Simply yell congratulations to the other team as everyone leaves the infield.
We will not encourage visitors to watch the games.  Players who are not on one of the teams playing a game will be considered a visitor.  All visitors should sit in an area not near the teams playing their game.  Visitors should maintain social distancing while sitting in their chairs, standing while watching the game or sitting in any seats or bleachers belonging to the park near the playing field.
When the next two teams arrive for their game we ask that they warm up but not congregate.  There is plenty of room for the players to practice social distancing.  Players are encouraged to only show up at the ball field 30 minutes before their scheduled game.  
There will be no sale or supply of beverages or food.  Like the golf courses, we will ask players to leave the ballpark immediately after the completion of their game.  It will be the team manager’s responsibility to make sure this practice takes place.  
At the start of each game, a new ball will be used for each game.  There will be two extra used balls that will be wiped off for use as needed.  All used balls that will be used the next day that games will be played will be wiped off after the completion of the last game of each day and placed in a designated container.  
After the completion of each game, it will be the responsibility of each team to wipe off the seats, bat rack and glove racks in their dugout before the next team enters the dugout.  It is the responsibility of each manager to see this duty is performed.
We are playing these games to have fun yet promote safety for all of us on a cooperative basis.  We do not care what your opinion is regarding this pandemic or if you feel we are being overly cautious.  We have gotten this far with no one knowingly carrying the virus.  We don’t want playing these games to be an avenue to start spreading the virus.  If you don’t feel you can abide by this protocol, that is fine, wait until October to play when there may be no special rules to abide by.

Have fun and stay safe.

Our Play off-site of Liberty Field and Sun Dome are not affiliated with either the Sun City or Sun City West Rec Boards.

The Presidents and their Softball Boards

Sun Cities Softball Club Welcomes All! "Open to Club Members and their accompanied guests!"

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70 Sidewinders - Winter Worlds Champions

70 Sidewinders - Winter Worlds Champions

75 Sidewinders - Winter Worlds Champions

80 Sidewinders - Winter Worlds Champions

Liberty Field, Sun City West, Arizona


The Sun Cities Senior Softball League was formed to allow the Sun City Softball Club and Sun City West Softball Club to Co-mingle and enjoy the experience of senior softball within the two Del Webb communities. 

Three Leagues play as part of the SCSSL; the American LeagueCentral League, and the National League.  Other organized play, also known as Leagues, play with the approval of the Softball Club that governs the field on which they play. 

We also share inter-community sports with other senior communities.


Sun Bowl Softball Field, Sun City, Arizona



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