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    It's Time!

    After a meeting of the Softball Board Treasurer and Accountant with President Missos.

    We are going to Streamline our dues payment by tying the 2024 dues Payment to the Spring Registration.

    In the Left Box below, Please Click on the link to pay your Dues.

    Once Submitted, Please 'Click' on the Link in the Right-Hand Box to Register for the Spring 2024 Session!

    No Dues!.....No Draft!

    The 2024 SCW Softball Tin Cup Golf Tourney

    Volunteer's Needed - Sign up EARLY, Help with the Planning!

    Click a Contact: Jack Ruzic or Orie McDonald

    Sub for the 70's

    The 70's League is looking for players to sub in 2023 for games on 11/29 and 12/6 (Wednesday games at 1:15 and 2:30) and 12/16 Saturday games at 0900 and 1030. We would also welcome players looking to be assigned to a team. The league had a Blue Division (rated 1-5) and Red division (rated 6-9). Also let me know if you want to join the 70's in 2024 (Jan -Apr). We currently have 3 teams in each division. Respond directly to

    Green Team Softball Tryouts

    Green Team scheduled tryout: Monday, December 18th @ 2:15

    1 new player, 1 rerate

    Attention new players: Dec. 18th will be the last scheduled Green Team tryout before the holiday break. Green Team tryouts will resume on January 14, 2024.


    Sun City West residents who are interested in joining the Sun City West Softball Club at Liberty Field, please contact Gary Scapito to schedule a Green Team tryout.
    Please click on New Player Info.

    Gary Scapito
    Green Team Tryout Coordinator
    (623) 451-7837


    Proper warm-up exercises prepare the muscles, tendons and joints of your body to maximize your performance and help prevent injuries. All stretches should be held for 10 seconds and repeated 3 times. Move in and out of each stretch slowly, and do not bounce while stretching. If you feel pain during these exercises, you are stretching too far or too fast.  Performing this routine and additional 3-4 times per week will help you increase your flexibility and your ability to play better and healthier softball. Click the pdf link below to get your copy. Enjoy. Have a good game and get home safe. ~ Dennis Farrar.

    Monthly Minutes

    Monthly Agenda

    Agenda December - Soon


    Liberty Field, Sun City West, AZ

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